Wake Up Today With Someone Who Loves You

Every girl wakes up thinking how beautiful it would be to have her handsome husband wrap his caring arms around her, to be softly kissed on the forehead and be told how beautiful she is every day.She imagines a man who is strong, courageous and protects her, a man who allows her to feel safe, loved and appreciated. He can proudly say he loves you every day and wants to tell the world she is his. A man who allows her to be fully who she is on the inside, expressing her inner delights freely.

Open your heart to men and share your vulnerability.

Susan Jeffers wrote a great book called Opening our Hearts To Men what she speaks about here, is that when you open your heart to men you will see they also hurt, have fears and suffer their own struggles that maybe it is time to switch the way you see and look at men. By switching your thinking and choosing from a place of love to see the good in men. By choosing to see men in a positive light you will indeed attract to yourself a man who is deserving of your love and joy. She talks about letting go of all that pent up anger and frustration you have with men. That letting go of hurt and anger makes a difference.

Choose to heal.`

Choosing to heal can be scary but also the most fulfilling and rewarding self-love act that you can do. It is painful to face the emotional tug that keeps you stuck in repeated patterns of dating the same guy over and over again. It can feel like a constant battle with your own inner demons. Choose to be aware, to release, to heal and have a big old cry, after all crying is healing. It is only in releasing this negative energy that is pent up inside of you and choosing to step forward that powerful change can happen. Healing is progress and can be the ultimate turn around.

Give love to receive love.

Oh life is so beautiful, especially the way the outside world reflects back to us who we really are deep inside. Our habits create our reality; my friend Ann is the go to person when you need a hug, a pick me up or just an ear to listen. She is wonderful at this and because of these traits her life is full of love. Her husband and kids both love her very much and her family life tends to be harmonious. The good news is you can cultivate these traits too. If you would like a man who tells you "I love you every day," you most teach yourself to be comfortable with the words. You can start this by saying to yourself every morning and night time in the mirror "I love you," I really love you. Do this till the inner child inside of you gets a great big smile. Once you are comfortable giving the words to yourself, you will be comfortable giving and receiving these words from someone else. And that is an exhilarating feeling.

Face your fears.

"Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fear can have a big impact on our lives; it can dictate how our lives turn out. So death of fear is a must. Fear of commitment, fear of rejection, fear of not being  good enough. What is holding you back? Choose to let it go, work with your partner to overcome your biggest fear or a close friend who can help you navigate to a space where you can attract someone special into your life. He will want to be a part of it too, share your concerns and worries with him and watch how it can bring you both closer together.

Power of Self-Love.

An act of kindness because you care, a bubble bath because you can, telling the man in your life "I love you very much" because you mean it. Asking gracefully for what you want, saying "No" to what does not serve you, and sharing a secret that nobody else knows about you, except of course for you and him. Are all acts of self-love and a hugely attractive quality to the man of your desires. Love yourself and share it with everyone.

Handsome is as handsome does and life gives you what you put out. So remember to heal the past, face your fears, open your heart, act from a place of self-love and choose to share your life with others. I promise you, that you will be richly rewarded. And that handsome man with his arms wrapped around you, might not be as far away as you first thought.

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