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How To Live Your Best Life After 50

How To Live Your Best Life After 50 [EXPERT]

Just think, the best is yet to come! It's true, and I'm going to explain why. We've put in all the hard work, we've done our due diligence, we've gotten down and dirty; finally we get to enjoy the garden we've been tending for the first half of life.

How we've toiled over that garden, learning and failing, drifting and falling. We have finally arrived at our destination. Now is the time to reap the benefits of all the toil and sweat. It's been a long haul through many, many seasons.

Let's take what we've learned and put it to good use.

We have come to realize:

  • Life is precious;
  • We are here for a very short time, and it is already at least half over;
  • We gain knowledge as we age.

With experience comes a better understanding of how life works. With knowledge comes freedom to live our lives with greater intelligence and wisdom.

Forgiveness is beneficial. We know from experience how good it feels to forgive. We've felt the relief and peace that forgiveness brings.

With the benefit of age and maturity, we know that we no longer need to let ego get in the way of forgiveness. My most influential teacher in life once said that forgiveness is penicillin for the mind.

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