How To Make A Confident First Impression

You only get 7 seconds, so try these 6 tips!

How To Make A Confident First Impression [EXPERT]

You know the saying: You never get a second chance to make a first impression. These words speak volumes and are absolutely true. Be it a business or social situation, we are judged by the way we look in a blink of an eye ... well, actually less than seven seconds, which is not much time at all, and certainly not enough time for our marvelous qualities to shine through.

If you blow this opportunity, you may never recover because your viewers don't realize they've judged you. Rather, they believe what they think is true, and that's hard to dislodge. Rest assured — you don't need to 'smoke' your credit card and show up wearing the latest designer clothing. What you do need to do is convey an air of confidence and look really great in what you do have. 15 Make-Or-Break Ways Your Self-Esteem Affects Your Relationship


You can look fabulous no matter your shape, size or budget by wearing clothing that fits and flatters you, is classic and well put together. Follow these six tips to make a strong first impression.

1. Prepare your outfit. Just a bit of thought and preparation helps. Know the event and type of clothes you are expected to wear. Formal? Semi-formal? Upscale casual? This is the time to conform.

Look in the mirror and make sure everything fits properly. Clothes too big? Don't do it. You'll look frumpy, not thin. Too tight? You'll look heavier than you are. Go for the right fit, and don't buy that jacket that's too tight just because it's on sale. It's a waste. 16 Ways To Feel Confident About Your Body (Even When You Kind Of Don't)


2. Think head to toe. From hair to footwear, you're all one package. Yes, like it or not, shoes are as critical as grooming. Don't leave any details to chance or think they won't be noticed. They will.

3. Wear accessories. Watches, rings, scarves and earrings all matter and lend an air of success and power to your first impression. Match your natural style with your accessories. 

4. Bring an appropriate handbag. Whether you carry a wallet, purse or satchel, all of these items must be in tip-top shape. A wallet bulging with receipts is a first-impression killer. If you're at a cocktail party, be sure you don't have to juggle an awkward 'suitcase size' handbag with your martini.

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5. Update your hair and makeup. Consult a professional makeup artist and hair stylist who you can trust to help you. Ease off on the vampire dark lipstick if you're over 40. And, open-toed shoes? Get a pedicure. 5 Sexy, Irresistible Summer Hair Trends

Daytime and nighttime makeup is not the same. White teeth say that you care about your best accessory ... your smile. Details matter. Watch out for too much perfume and cologne. You want to be remembered for your charming personality, not your scent.

6. Keep it chic. Watch out for fashion missteps. Leggings and yoga pants only belong at the gym. Dated clothes make you look old. (Yuck! Who wants that?)

In sum, take advantage of the opportunity to start off with a powerful first impression. A good first impression makes everything else you need to accomplish easier.


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