5 Reasons Not To Get Back With An Ex

Did you ever get a call from an ex out of the blue and they say, “I think we should get back together.” This is one of those calls that makes you happy and upset at the same time. You’re happy that they came to the conclusion that they can’t live without you. (Ah-ha, you knew they’d come back!) However, you’re upset because you realized they were too late and that ship has sailed.

It’s rare that it’s a good idea to get back together with an ex. If it didn’t work the first time most probably it’s not going to work again. While time heals, it doesn’t mean that you have to go back down that same road. If you’re contemplating getting back together with your ex, you need to take a moment to think about the pros and the cons. Here are 5 definite reasons you should not get back with your ex. Keep on truckin’ and don’t look back!

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1. A Case of Boredom: This is not a valid reason to get back with your ex. If you’re feeling bored you need to get a hobby quickly. If this is the reason you get back together you will be right where you started bored and broken-up again in no time.

2. The Ego Takes Over: If your ex broke up with you, your ego may be still hurt. You may want to get back with them to end it yourself , this time on your own terms. This will only waste everyone's time. 

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