5 Reasons Why Thursday Is The Best Day To Break-Up

The day of the week that you officially split from your mate can certainly help a lot with your recovery.  Monday is a terrible day to break-up because Monday’s are just terrible to begin with.  Tuesday is just as bad because you have the entire week ahead of you to be upset at work.  If you break-up with your boyfriend mid-week on a Wednesday, you will probably not want to finish out the work week.  You don’t want to break-up on the weekend because it will ruin two valuable days that are yours.  So it’s evident that Thursday is the best day of the week to break-up.  Here are a few reasons why:

1) Three-Day Weekend: If you break-up on a Thursday and can take a sick day on Friday, you have a three day weekend to heal and do what you need to get yourself ready for Monday.

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2) Two Nights of Fun: You now have Friday AND Saturday nights to go out with your friends and forget your ex. Some fun with your best friends will certainly help with any heartache you may be dealing with.

3) Take a Trip: If the break-up makes you want to get out of town, you are now able to do so.  With the weekend free of your ex, you can hit the road for some adventure.

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4) Book a Spa Day: If you can’t get out of town, you can make staying in your area more relaxing.  Immediately book a spa day at a local place that you like. You will feel more at ease about your break-up.

5) Sleep In: An alarm going off in the morning after a break-up is not the way you want to start your day.  You have the entire weekend to sleep in and recharge yourself from the break-up.  No need to set the alarm.  Just concentrate on healing.

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