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3 Biggest Mistakes Single Women Make That Sabotage Their Chances Of Finding Love

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Why Am I Single? Biggest Mistakes Holding You Back From Finding Love

You're a good catch, so why are you still single? Do you struggle to get a date? Perhaps even asked yourself "Why am I single?" or wondered, "Will I be single forever?"

If finding love is a struggle, there are some things you need to know in order to really find "the one" and fall in love.

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First of all, you aren't alone. Nearly 50 percent of the population is single. So, the odds are in your favor.

It's easy to get stuck in the mindset that there aren't any more single people. Once that starts, it just gets worse. There aren't any good men left, they are all taken. If you are telling yourself that, then you need to stop. This will only make things worse.

"Why am I still single?"

You keep asking yourself this question, but you can't come up with an answer. When you are single, it does seem as if everyone is in a relationship. Just turn on the T.V. or look on the internet. All you see are happy couples.

We live in a society that covets being in a relationship. The message you get is that in order to be happy, you need to be in a relationship.

But, is that true? How many couples do you know that are in a happy relationship — the type of relationship you want to be in?

There are some advantages to being single. You can go where you would like and visit the relatives you would like to visit. If you'd like to stay home and keep it casual that is fine, too. There isn't as much pressure.

What's important is to have less stress in your life. If you are in a stressful relationship, it can come out on your health. This can lead to physical and mental illness if you don't take care of it.

There isn't one simple answer to why you are still single. Maybe, you just haven't met the right person.

But there are a few common mistakes single people make that prevent them from finding love.

1. Not setting aside enough time for a relationship.

You may spend a lot of time at work or with friends out socializing. The first step to being in a relationship is dating.

I hear this a lot: "I just don't have enough time for dating."

Relationships require your time. This means making sacrifices. If you aren't willing to set aside the time, you probably won't meet anyone. Worse yet, you can give people the wrong impression. They may think you are a workaholic or just into yourself. This will make you appear selfish.

As you get older, it may seem harder to meet someone. That may not be the case. You just may not be prioritizing meeting someone special.

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2. Dating out of fear of loneliness.

Society has told you that you need someone to complete you. This is the biggest myth around. When you do this, you create a lot of unnecessary pressure.

What you need is someone you can get along with.

Go out and have fun! This is the best way to meet someone. You may also make some new friends along the way.

There is nothing worse than meeting someone and all they do is complain about being single and how they feel lonely. Don't be that person. Take this time to try new things.

Do you like to travel? If the answer is yes, this is a great time to see a new place. If that feels like too much, go away for a weekend. If you don't want to go alone, then invite a friend. Try new restaurants and new friends groups. That way you won't get bored.

3. Being afraid of commitment.

When you are single, it's easy to get comfortable. You can make your own schedule, and do the things that you enjoy. You don't have to worry about or make plans for anyone else. This may feel scary to give up.

This will keep you from stepping outside of your comfort zone. If you want to be in a relationship, then you are going to have to take emotional risks. This is how you will get close to a man. Ambivalence will get in the way and keep you from taking the necessary risks you need to take to be in a relationship.

When you are in a relationship with the right person, it's the greatest feeling in the world. You need to know what you are looking for, and what you are not willing to give up. This means you need to have your "must-haves" ready when you are dating. This will help you make a decision you are comfortable with.

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Lianne Avila is a marriage and family therapist. She has been helping others for fourteen years and absolutely loves her work. Please visit Lessons for Love for more help.

This article was originally published at Lessons for Love. Reprinted with permission from the author.