How To Be Single So That You'll Be Ready For A Relationship When The Time Is Right

Use this time to get ready to make your next relationship great!

How To Be Single So That You'll Be Ready For A Relationship When The Time Is Right unsplash/Fallon Michael

It can be hard figuring out how to be single, especially if you just got out of a relationship.

But if you make the most of it, it's an amazing time to prepare for when you're ready to start dating again. And, the next time around, you'll truly be ready for a relationship that's better and healthier.

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When you are in a relationship, you may not have the time or focus to make time for yourself and for growth. But when you are single, it is the best time to refresh and refocus and figure out how to date successfully.

Here's an important piece of dating advice you should take to heart: If you don't use that time in between relationships wisely, you will end up in the same situation again just with a different person than the last time.

With that said, there are 8 things you need to do while you're single to prepare for your next relationship so it can be better than the last.

1. Focus on you

It's so important to put a lot of focus into yourself and your growth while you are single. We change a lot over time, so take the time to learn who you are now compared to who you were.


Indulge in things you want to do and learn more about yourself. The more you express your true self, the better you are to attract true love. Really get to your core and find yourself!

2. Be clear on what you really want

What do you want in your next relationship? What don't you want? Or maybe you don't want a relationship for a while.

Any answer to this is perfect as long as it's what you really want.

Be selfish and figure out what you want. The clearer you are with what you want and don't want, the more your spirit guides can help you to get there.

You have to be clear with yourself about it first before you can attract it.

3. Look at previous patterns

We all have recurring patterns in our lives and in relationships. Until we learn from them and make changes, they will keep occurring in every relationship, over and over, no matter who we are with.


So, it's so important to get to the bottom of and learn from those patterns.

Have some reflective time and look back on patterns that have repeated in your life and your relationships. Don't judge yourself but see what you'd like to change going forward and in your next relationship.

If you want different, you must do different, going forward.

Don't focus on what the other person did or didn't do, focus on you. We can only control ourselves, not anyone else. By changing your choices going forward you can make for a happier relationship next time!

4. Think about these things

Take some time to really reflect, think about, and answer these questions for yourself:

  • Did I miss or ignore red flags in my last relationship?
  • Did I check out of the relationship too soon because I was afraid to get close?
  • Did I stay in the relationship too long hoping things would change?
  • Did I lose myself in that relationship?
  • Did I do all I could?
  • What can I do differently next time to be even better?

Answering these questions can help guide you for what to change going forward so be honest with yourself.

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5. Let go of the past

Once you've dissected and learned from your past, you have to let it go. We can never go forward if we are still stuck in the past and that goes for everything, not just relationships.

We have a certain amount of room for things in our lives and in our heart — holding onto the past takes up so much room it prevents you from creating a better future!


Take the lessons you learned with you but leave the rest behind. Focus on what you want in the future and use those lessons as a golden ticket to get what you really want next time around!

6. Heal anything unresolved

Be sure to work on and heal any unresolved issues. If you don't they will be baggage you carry with you.

That extra baggage only makes things more difficult for you so do yourself a favor and work on it now.

I promise it's less painful to work on it then it is to carry it around with you.

7. Focus on what you can do to be better

Think about all the wonderful things you can do better next time. Get excited about the new more evolved person you will be in your next relationship.


You can have that better relationship and it all starts with you!

8. Focus on what you want to attract

If you want to attract stability in a partner, start creating more stability in your own life.

If you want to attract compassion, see how you can be more compassionate in your life.


If you want to attract passion, add more passion to your life.

Whatever you want to attract add more of that to your own life!

Take these dating tips to heart. We all want healthy relationships and it may take a few heartbreaks and lessons to get there.

But, if you really want to work on yourself, find out your purpose, and clear the blocks that are in your way, you can find the love and be in the happy and healthy relationship you want and truly deserve.

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