Your Soul Mate Exists – Are You Ready?

The Universe would not create your desire for a partner unless he or she existed.

Soul Mate

The other day I was speaking with a past client named "Mandy", and she confided she still had not met her soul mate. Mandy shared she was beginning to believe love just wasn’t in the cards for her in this lifetime. This took me aback because I already knew how much she wanted a partner through the many conversations we had last January.

What I pointed out to Mandy, and want to share with you, is how much resignation and giving up hope impacts your reality – leading you to believe your soul mate does not exist. Thoughts like this can especially become strong during the month of December.


You’re reviewing the year and hesitant to set new "love goals" for 2012 – fearful if you do you’re setting yourself up for disappointment as you enter the New Year. Much easier to give up and call it a day, right?

Well, before you go down that road, let me be very clear about something:

The Universe would not create your desire for a partner unless he existed. I really want you to take that in. There’s a natural order to everything in existence. Day flows into night. Every problem has a solution. Every car has a parking spot (most days). Your desire to have a soul mate is actually proof that he does exist. The Universe would not be so unkind to plant the seed within you – without the SOULution to go with it.


However, the process of him finding you slows down when you stop believing in your heart and allow your head (limiting beliefs) to form your reality. Any thought that doesn’t come from love is not real. Stop Searching for Your Soul Mate and Attract True Love

So, how can you speed up the process? Follow these three tips:

  1. Focus on your goal and align your thoughts accordingly. For example, do you say that you want a relationship, but believe that you’re not attractive enough? It’s time to stop listening to the "inner critic" and start focusing on what you do like about yourself. A great exercise is to ask a friend what they like about you!
  2. Make a list of all the qualities of your Ideal Mate. Put pen to paper and get really clear about what you want, value and need to have to make them ideal for you. People don’t think twice about putting time, effort and research into shopping for a car or home and the same care and attention applies when you're "shopping" for a mate.
  3. Check in with yourself and see if you have done the necessary healing from your past relationships. Look for recurring negative patterns, attracting drama, etc. Hire a coach or counselor, attend a personal growth workshop. You need something bigger than you to step in and guide you. Advice: Is Finding A Soul Mate Unrealistic? [VIDEO]

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