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10 years +


Plano TX 75025 - United States



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Author, Marriage Coach, Sex Coach, Speaker/Presenter, YourTango Expert Partner

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All areas, please inquire



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"It's time to give yourself permission to have the life, love and happiness you SOUL knows is yours. Algin to your truth."

About Rene' Schooler (KW)

I am an expert intimacy, relationship coach, author and speaker. With almost two-decades of focused work with singles and couple's around the world I have developed a deep understanding, passion and commitment to helping people restore the fires of love, desire and eroticism in their intimate communion with  their mates as well as helping single's to call in their soulmate relationship. Through the understanding of the emotional and spiritual bodies impact on our ability to find the love of our life with success and create a healthy, happy and flourishing future I teach the people that I work with the stategies and skills to release the stored trauma, wounding and patterning that prevents this. 

Published in co-authored works - 101 Ways Great Ways to Improve Your Health and Building Foundations for Change with some of the most well-known influencers and educators on the understanding and educating around relationship, well-being, creative manifestation and more such as Dr. Joespeh Mercola, Brian Tracy, Steven E, John Assaraf, Dr. Susan Lark and Dr. Joseph Cilea to name a few, I have been blessed to share my own wisdom and knowledge with millions of people through these channels. Working with Lifetime TV - Married at First Sight as an experct relationship coach in Season 7, where I was able to share ancient skills for intimacy building, communication and connection. 

In my Dallas, Texas based practice  I work with singles and couples. Male and female. My clients range from mid twenties to mid sevevnties however the majority of the people I work with are 40-60 years old. I work with all ethnic, religious backgrounds and statuses. The majority of my clients are either married and wanting to work on intimacy, communication, affairs and/or sexual items or singles wo are wanting to attract their soulmate relationship. I also work alot with people wanting to overcome trauma based issues of all natures, stress and anxiety management as well as people who want to create a plan to move from monogamy to "the lifestyle", open relationship, poly or some other design container for modern relating as well as the challenges that come up from these relationship choices. One thing that all my clients share is a desire to create their best life and live abundantly, that's why you will always find my teachings on th elaw of attraction (LOA), conscious manifestation and even money. 

I offer home study courses, meditations, local events and workshops outside of my 1:1 local and world wide coaching practice. 


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