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When Men Talk Too Much About Themselves On Dates

Men have been rewarded for their performance since the beginning of time. The best performers got the hottest cave-babes, they got the optimal cave real estate and the most respect and recognition from their fellow cavemen.

All they had to do was be the fastest, bravest, strongest and most skilled. The fact that most of them died in the process of being the best was not as important as winning all this great stuff  — the rewards were worth it.

We haven't evolved all that much, biologically, since those days. Women still respond favorably to those types of men, which helps to perpetuate men's drive to be that way. (They're still seeking the hottest cave-babes, after all ... )

Your dates are doing nothing more than showing you they're worthy of your approval. If they could, they'd drag out their latest "kill" to show you their hunting prowess (but most restaurants don't let you bring in bloody carcasses).

So, instead, they talk about their "hunting prowess." In fact, some of them can go on and on and on …

Work with, not against ... 

If you can learn to see what these men are doing as simply great energy to work with and something that would be in your favor — if you were to choose to be with one of them, you could relax and let the experience be more satisfying for you.

If you feel annoyed or judgmental when a man "shows off," he'll just work that much harder doing what he's doing, either because he feels he hasn't proved it to you well enough yet or because he's reacting to you and digging in his heels. Keep reading ...

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