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3 Tips To Get Your Kids To Use Their Imaginations

Are your children lost in cyber space? Do they prefer the company of video games and television to the family? Are their only friends on Facebook? Can they day dream and use their imagination to create wonderful games or activities on their own? Do they need someone or something to tell them how to have fun?

If so, they need to develop their amazing imagination and think of new ways to solve problems, create possibilities and think their own thoughts.

Here are three great ways to plug in imagination

Electronic Free Time

All children need some unstructured time without parental or electronic interference to develop their imaginations and learn how to enjoy their own company. They need to make friends in real life, not just electronically.

If your children come to you saying they are bored, simply reply "It is not my job to find something for you to do. But it is my job as a parent to tell you that whatever you do for the next few hours may not involve anything electronic-so no TV, Videos, computers or game cubes."

Television, Video games, computers and cell phones are a privilege

One of our daughters has instituted a rule; for every hour you spend with a book, you can earn points to spend with electronic equipment.

It is amazing what happens when the imagination is unloosed. The pictures and images in their mind's eye when reading, playing or creating will also have more meaning for them because they created them.

They will come up with lots of things to do because they have to. It will foster friendship and cooperation as they build forts out of cardboard boxes, put on plays, make mud pies, write a story and a million other things that come from having time to think.

Use Encouraging Words

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