3 Reasons I Wish I Could Marry My Dog — Or Least A Guy Just Like Him

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3 Reasons Dog Lovers Know EXACTLY What Women Want In A Man
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Why can't guys be more like this??

I'm about to share with you three reasons I'd marry my dog, but first, just a little background. While I wouldn't literally marry my dog, when you understand my three reasons you'll be able to see exactly how they apply to your desire to attract your ideal man.

And that's what you really want, right? After all, who wants a sub-par relationship you have to try so hard to make work? 

The quickest way to attract your ideal man is to become your Ideal YOU — in mind, body, and life.

As a certified permanent weight loss coach, I invariably end up coaching my clients on their relationships, even they come to me for permanent weight loss. 

The topic of relationships comes up when my clients want to lose weight because the struggles they have with food and weight are not about the fat on their body nor are they about the food.

The excess fat on your body is only a symptom of your real problem, and the food is just the tool you use as a result of the real problem that hasn't been healed yet.

The reasons you struggle with emotional eating, binge-eating, self-sabotage and being overweight are due to a life problem. It's an Inner Self problem, and that same problem intersects every area of your life. The excess fat on your body is another symptom of the same problem.

Here's a little more background before we get to my dog ...

On yesterday's Inner Self Diet™ coaching call with my current clients, we ended the call on the topic of being obsessed with a man and wanting him to change. I coached my client who brought this up to keep practicing the skill of bringing it back to herself using The Inner Self Diet tools she now has in her emotional eating toolbox. Now she can see that she has a habit of focusing outward and wanting others to change instead of looking inward and changing what is within her that attracted the man she's obsessed with today. 

I also shared with my clients that if you have to work that hard to make a relationship work then it's not the right relationship. Nor is it your job to make others change!

When you change yourself the people who match your healthy vibe will naturally be attracted into your life!

This includes the man of your dreams who you'd love to be in a relationship with.

That weight loss coaching call lead me to think about my dog. Yes! My dog. 

You see, I absolutely LOVE my little pup. He's a 7lb Pomeranian — the cutest little boy you've ever seen.

And while I'm not literally going to marry my dog — Happy — he does have the qualities I would want in a healthy, happy relationship with my ideal man! In fact, the way I feel hanging out with my pup each day is the way I want to feel emotionally with my ideal man (once I meet him). 

I don't have to make the relationship with my dog work the way I've felt I had to do in the past with men I've dated — which is exactly what I was speaking with my coaching clients about when the topic of men and relationships came up!

Sure, you could say, "Well it's easy to get along with a dog, JoLynn!"

But if that were true, why did Cesar Milan have so many people clamoring for his help with their dogs on The Dog Whisperer

Now that I've explained how I got onto the topic of thinking about my dog in regard to relationships, keep in mind that each of these reasons embodies the same qualities I'd want in my ideal relationship with a human man!

Here are the three reasons I would marry my dog:

1. I'd marry my dog because I LOVE him — and he loves me, too. 

Yes! I love everything about his little Pomeranian doggie self. I love his little face, his pretty brown eyes, his little teeth, and his little fluffy butt. I love my dog, Happy!

But don't get me wrong — it's not just about his looks!

Hey, have you ever dated a guy who looked good, but found that the chemistry and conversation fell flat? I love Happy because he's got a great personality, he's happy (imagine that!), and he's open to travel (he goes with me everywhere in his little car seat). I'd love to be with a man who is fun to be with, a happy person, and loves to travel the world, too.

This isn't a one-way street, though ... because Happy loves me just as much as I love him! This is an essential element I want in my ideal relationship — it must be mutual, on all levels.

2. I'd marry my dog because he's always there for me. 

He's never too busy to listen. He doesn't break our dates to go to Trader Joe's, CVS, or on our healthy lifestyle walk 5-7 days a week. And he doesn't complain!

Well, that's not quite true. He does complain if I don't play fetch with him once a day, but even his way of complaining is awesome. He just sits there and stares at me. Hehehe ...

This is another essential element of my ideal relationship, which also includes me being there for my ideal man, just like I'm there for Happy. Happy can count on me, too. In fact, a couple of months ago he almost choked to death. I did the doggie Heimlich on him (true) and dislodged the piece of his chew toy that was caught in his throat. There wasn't any time to take him to the vet, I had to just do what I had to do, which I did.

My ideal man and I would have each other's backs in the exact same way.

3. I'd marry my dog because he's an active participant in my healthy lifestyle.

Another essential quality my ideal man must have is a commitment to living a healthy, fit lifestyle with me — not just in body, but also in mindset, since mindset is 92.8 percent of success in any area of life (and why my work focuses on mindset in order to achieve permanent weight loss).

My dog Happy is a vital ingredient of my daily, healthy lifestyle. We walk together a minimum of 5 days a week, which almost always ends up being 7 days a week. Before I switched to focusing mainly on Facebook Live videos, I used to do a lot of walking scopes on Periscope with him. Folks loved seeing Happy pop up with me on my walking scopes.

Happy even keeps me company in the kitchen while I'm prepping and cooking my clean-eating meals, and believe it or not, Happy loves fresh veggies! He's not a vegetarian, of course, since dogs are meat eaters, but he does love fresh broccoli, cauliflower, and green beans as a treat. (Note: Before feeding your own dog anything except dog food, always research and verify it's healthy for your dog to eat it!)

Happy is very healthy and fit, he loves to play fetch daily, he loves to run outside and chase after his ball in the fenced in yard, and he loves our daily walks. Of course, he makes a few pit stops before we get started on our non-stop 30-45 minute walk but hey, he's a dog!

All of these qualities are what I would want to find in my ideal man.  

A man who is fit, a man who loves to get out and walk (hey, he can run while I walk or ride my bike!), a man who lives a healthy lifestyle eating mainly fresh, real food (clean eating rocks!), and of course, a man who loves animals (that's a given). 

While this idea might sound funny, I'm actually very serious that:

  • I LOVE my Pomeranian, Happy.
  • The qualities I've listed about my dog really are the same qualities I would expect to find in my ideal man.
  • I'm much happier hanging out with my dog than I've ever been while trying to make the wrong relationship work. 

I don't have to make anything work with Happy, outside of the training I did with him when I first got him as a puppy. He's still a feisty Pom (and I like that!), but he's easy to get along with. By the way, this is another quality I would want in my ideal man: he's gotta have a backbone, he can't be a wimp I could walk all over. Happy definitely has a backbone! He is NO wimp.

May you find your own happy ... in a man!

Here's to you attracting your ideal man while living your ideal life in your ideal body. 

Remember, the easiest way to do all of this is to get to living your ideal life now (while IN your ideal body!) — before you meet your ideal man.

That way it will be easy for you to attract a fit, healthy man who matches your fit, healthy lifestyle and body! 

Don't make the mistake of trying to attract the man while you're unhappy with being overweight and overeating, because then you'll have to backpedal and change yourself after you've gotten into a relationship. It is a lot easier to attract the fit, healthy, sexy man of your dreams once you get happy living IN your own fit, healthy, sexy body while living your best life. 

Question: Are you living struggle-free today in your ideal body? Is it easy for you to live a healthy lifestyle day in and day out regardless of the time of year?

If you're struggling with emotional eating, binge eating or yo-yo dieting then you're not living a healthy lifestyle with ease.

JoLynn Braley is the founder of The Inner Self Diet, the diet that isn't a diet. JoLynn's coaching clients get a weight loss mindset in 8 weeks or less, which ends their emotional eating and self-sabotage, making it easy to drop the fat and keep it off. Begin learning more about your mindset by grabbing JoLynn's FREE 5-Day e-Course. Click here to get started now!