How To Get EXACTLY What You Want In 10 Simple Steps (Yes, REALLY)

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10 Ways To Live Life With Confidence And Happiness weheartit

When we are confident about ourselves and what we are doing with our lives, we tend to succeed in our endeavors. In this article, I have outlined some practical steps, which if followed, can help you to live life more confidently:

1. Clearly define your truly most meaningful goals that serve others and yourself.

Work out what you truly would love to do with your life and once you have a clear idea of what you would love to do, it will be easier to know the exact action steps you can take that will help you achieve them.


2. Prioritize your daily actions to help achieve these goals.

This will enable you to remain more focused on the most efficient and effective highest priority actions each day that will help you fulfill your goals. Delegate lower priority actions whenever and whatever possible.

3. Be accountable to your goals.

Create a daily checklist of the most important and proven actions that get results and that are most essential to complete. The more you do these things and finish them, the greater your sense of achievement will be.

Once you have achieved what you have set out to do, then reward yourself in ways that match your highest values. You deserve it.


4. Focus on effectively earning even greater income.

Do this by serving greater numbers of people through achieving your goals.

5. Save an ever progressive portion of your profits.

If you want to empower yourself, you need to become more financially independent. Don’t be a financial slave, become a financial master.

When you manage your finances wisely, you will get more money to manage. Value serving others, Value yourself (save/invest). Value maintaining sustainable fair exchanges

6. Keep company with higher achievers.

If you surround yourself with people who inspire you and uplift you, you will expand too and in turn do the same for others.


7. Dictate your dream destiny.

Define for your yourself what type of person you intend to be. Say to yourself exactly how you would love to be: "I am confident, powerful and decisive."

You will become what you truly intend to be.

8. Read daily to expand and open your mind.

The more wisdom you read, the more your mind and vocabulary will expand. Reading will help you to speak with greater confidence and poise.

9. Write down what you are grateful for.


Every day, write down what you have to be grateful for. This will shift your perceptions of life, and your attitude, and will be a constant reminder to be more appreciative.  

Be grateful. Gratitude opens the heart to love, which window washes the mind with inspiration and brings enthusiasm to the body.

10. Eat wisely, rhythmically and moderately.

To have a well body and mind, you’ll need a wise daily life routine. If you overeat, you will slow down and feel sluggish. If you eat wisely and moderately, you will not suffer with digestion problems and will have more optimal physical function.