Tips For Getting Back Together With Your Ex

When the Warrior Poet and I decided to give our relationship a second chance, there were a number of things we had to discuss before moving forward. How could we better address the issues that built up to the break-up in the first place? How could we rebuild trust? What did we need to do to become even better partners to each other? While we are still a work in progress, I thought I'd share what I've learned firsthand as tips for getting back together after a breakup.

1. Commit To Honesty 
At this stage, honesty is more important than ever before. You must be honest with both yourself and your partner for a relationship reunion to truly last. If you are finding it hard to trust and believe in the stability of a relationship again after a sudden breakup, share this concern with your partner. It will help explain why you may sometimes appear distant or why you suddenly pull away after things seem to be going smoothly.

"It's so hard to jump fully in when we weren't talking to each other at all not that long ago," I nervously told Warrior Poet. "How do I know you're not going to suddenly freak again and walk away?"

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