The Top 5 Places To Meet A Good Man

The Top 5 Places To Meet a Good Man

Have you ever uttered one of the following questions:

Where do I go to meet a good man?

How do I get a guy to fall in love with me?

If you have you’re not alone. These two questions are hands down the two most common questions I hear from single women.

The good news is that according to the latest research there are more than 20 Million single men in the US alone. So ladies, they are out there. The key to finding them is to know where they tend to congregate.

Finding a good man is a lot like trying to land a prize fish. First, you have to know what kind of fish you are looking for.

If you wanted an Alaskan Salmon, throwing your fishing line into the Gulf of Mexico probably isn't going to land you the desired prize. I'm not saying you won't land a fish, you probably will. It's just that it won't be the fish you are looking for.

Once you identify what kind of Man/fish you are looking for you need to figure out where that type tends to hang out. The good news is that men, like fish tend to have predictable habits and tend to congregate in the same, predictable locations.

Your job is to understand where those places are to know how to "catch" em.
note*** we'll discuss the "How" in a future article.

For now we want to focus on understanding the hot spots where the type of guy you are looking for might be.

1) Online Dating - whether you are for online dating or against it there is no denying that it everyone is doing it. In fact, the latest research reveals that of the 54 Million singles in the US, approximately 40 million have tried or are currently using online dating.

Yes, there are a lot of bottom feeders trolling the online dating waters, but if you learn their habits they are much easier to spot and avoid.
By learning how to navigate in the online dating waters you will quickly learn how to spot and land a prize catch.

2) Work - People who work together tend to share many common bonds and interests. Part of this is because working together allows individuals to get to know each other and establish a base line friendship before moving into a relationship.

People who work together often share many common bonds, such as education levels, socioeconomic status and common morals and values due to the common ways they were raised by their parents.

3) Seminars and Workshops - Men who attend workshops and seminars indicate that they are open to learning and admitting they don't have all the answers.
Attending a seminar, class or workshop on a topic that interests you is a great way to meet a man who shares similar interests.

4) Volunteering - Men who volunteer their time and energy to causes, charities or organizations often show that they are emotionally available and relationship ready.

A man who has a desire to give back and help others is a man who will know how to value and appreciate a woman

5) Friends & Colleagues - Have you ever heard the expression, "birds of a feather flock together?" Well, remember you are only one introduction away from meeting the man of your dreams.

Your friends may all be in relationships or married, but they might know or work with someone who has a special guy that is looking for a woman just like you.

If you are single and available you want to tell everyone you know and like that you are ready and looking for a great man. But make sure to tell them what kind of guy you are looking for. Otherwise they may set you up with their unemployed, neighbor who has commitment issues.

Finding a good man may appear to be difficult but it doesn't have to be. The key is learning how to manage your emotions and take actions which increase your chances of finding the type of man you are looking for.

Because at the end of the only need one!

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