3 Ways To Look, Feel And Be Better With Pinterest

3 Ways To Look, Feel And Be Better With Pinterest

The New Year season is upon us and self-improvement has been weighing on my mind. I marched to the local Barnes and Noble self-help section and the endless aisles of health books, cookbooks and DYI guides were daunting to say the least. I wondered if all of my needs could be met by the internet and then found an even better solution to sifting through websites – Pinterest. Pinterest, a virtual bulletin board of endless ideas and photographs, saved my New Years Resolutions. Read on to see what I learned and how Pinterest has helped me achieve my goals. 

1. Feel Better   
Determined to cook healthier and breaking it down further, cook at all, I turned to Pinterest. Immediately, a pin featuring Sweet and Sour Chicken caught my attention. The post claimed the dish was more delicious than take out. Impossible, right? So I gave it a go and the chicken was not only easy for a challenged chef like myself but it was also delicious. The only love lost in this scenario is between myself and the Chinese takeout place around the corner (and it was time for us to take a break.) I found countless easy, healthy and convenient recipes – click here to see my favorites. 

2. Look Better
A haven for the fashionista, Pinterest features the latest trends for real woman with realistic shopping budgets. Planning for an evening event? You can browse dresses, hair ideas and makeup tips in minutes. You can instantly update your look in the same place that you search for effective workout tips to fit your busy schedule.

3. Be Better
Learn how to wallpaper your home, organize your accessories and clean your apartment in record time utilizing one nifty resource. I have found solutions to problems that never crossed my mind but have certainly come in handy. Case in point: I learned a magical microwave cleaning tip and have passed it on to friends and family. Here it is so you can be an ultra savvy owner of random information that actually impresses people. 

If you are new to Pinterest, take a look at the many tidbits the site has to offer. This just might be the year that all your Resolutions come true! Happy Pinning!

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