Tap Into Success, Confidence & More With A Life Coach

Personal Development Coach & Life Coach: Be Your Best Self

Want to hear a not-so-secret secret? Life coaching will change your life. Really. It's that simple. For individuals who realize they want more out of life, coaching opens doors that have been seemingly locked and bolted shut. Life coaching and its cousins, executive coaching, dating coaching, wellness coaching, career coaching and a myriad of other focuses, are resources for individuals that want support in moving forward in life.

Our parents and their parents weren't seeking out coaches, so why has life coaching become so popular? The answer is that the pace of change in our lives, as well as the amount of choices we have today have not just increased, they've rocketed past what our grandparents knew.

It seems like a young adult in her twenties today is expected to have six different careers and be married twice or more. The number of job choices available to a person in the 21st century has also exploded. My guidance counselor in high school talked to me about three different professional choices as I was making a decision about college — three! In contrast, my daughter has hundreds of options available to consider; that's no joke, and it's one reason why a career choice made in high school is often followed by many career changes.

A life coach comes in as both a partner and a professional who helps you define goals and determine strategies and action steps to help you reach them. A quality coach is an expert at helping people create positive change and make improvements in how they live their lives. They may also help you sort through the myriad of career options and lifestyle choices you may have in front of you.

Is there an area of your life that needs to change? Are you wondering why you're not making progress in a particular arena? Do you want a richer, more vibrant life, a thriving career and deeper relationships? Life coaching is an avenue that can help you get from here to there. It can give you a better sense of satisfaction.

I first started using a coach as an executive in a nonprofit. I found a coach who understood boards, professional relationships and organizational leadership. I had been trying to uphold the organization's vision without much success, and felt pretty frustrated. I realized I didn't need a therapist; I needed someone who could help me see past my own blocks to work more effectively with key people, both inside and outside my organization. I wanted to work with someone who understood my role as an executive, and would share his greater experience with me so I could move along faster — and not get caught in emotional rabbit holes.

His support and guidance helped me develop stronger relationships with my board, funders and other individuals who were key to the organization's success. That experience turned me on to the power of coaching.

A great coach helps you see and helps you leverage your strengths in attaining your goals. A great coach will kick your butt and also cheer you on. A first-class coach can be a powerful motivator to help you stay on track and just get your stuff done. The "stuff" that is about taking action, pushing past your fears and limiting beliefs, and realizing you can dramatically change your life. 

A great coach isn't a fixer, but rather, an individual who is committed to working with you so that you can achieve your big goals in life, work, family... or whatever it is that you want. What coaching brings is a level of accountability that helps most individuals stay on track and actually get stuff done. Many adults enter into coaching relationships find a level of support they've never had. Both the support and a clear action plan are key to an effective coaching relationship.

In the world of executive coaching, studies are always being done to define whether coaching is worth the monetary investment. What we've learned is that executive coaching provides a return to many companies of almost six times what is spent. This shows up in improved relationships, improved teamwork and improved quality of products or services. A study on Fortune 500 telecommunication companies found executive coaching resulted in a return on investment of 529 perecent.

You might be saying "So what? I'm not an executive in a Fortune 500 company." Well the truth is, you are the executive in charge of your life. Improve your skill set for making decisions and taking action and you'll change your entire life dramatically. What will change isn't just how you approach your particular situation. You will also develop a set of skills and tools that will work in every area of your life. Keep reading...

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