8 Ways To Turn Heads

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When's the last time you felt super confident and sexy? Maybe it was a night out with friends or a romantic first date with a new love interest. If you feel it's been too long since you've "wowed" a crowd, read these 8 YourTango Expert tips on how to amp up your attractiveness.

1.Be Confident. Want to turn heads? Exude confidence. It's one of the sexiest qualities around. And, if you're not all that comfortable in your own skin just yet, fake it till you make it! Carrying yourself with a tall yet relaxed posture, making good eye contact, and smiling can go a long way towards conveying the confidence that grabs people's attention. Inner Beauty: What Men Don't Tell You

2. Play Your Strong Suit. What feature or characteristic are you most proud of? Whether it's your soulful eyes…your ample curves…your perfect pedicure…or your toned arms, be sure to dress to accentuate it. When you put your best foot (or feature) forward, you not only increase your confidence (see tip #1) but you also increase the likelihood of catching the eye of a guy who's into what you've got! And, believe me, that's a winning combination.

3. Practice This Jedi Mind Trick. So, you've caught his eye…now you need to get him to come over and introduce himself. Make eye contact and take a slow, deep breath. While exhaling, give a little smile and think to yourself: "You know you want to come over here and talk to me." Now glance away slightly and think of something charming to say when he arrives.

4. Shine On. Numerous studies across the ages suggest that men are attracted to shiny, lustrous hair. They can't help it…it's in their DNA. Shiny hair is a sure sign of health, and evolutionary biology cues us to choose the healthiest of mates. Want a quick and easy way to get noticed? Invest in a good conditioner. Better yet: next time you're in the salon, have them put a clear gloss on your hair. Then get out there and turn some heads!
Dr. Korenna Reynard, Psychologist

5. Be Positive. Do you believe you're just not suited to relationships? Do you believe the hype that there are no good single men or women? Negative beliefs unconsciously sabotage your ability to meet new people. Combat this negativity by changing your dating perspective. Practice positivity in ways small and large. Is Positive Thinking Sabotaging Your Love Life?

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