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Sex, Love, and Relationships are some of the most significant aspects of our lives...Shouldn't we invest in learning to do them right?

About Korenna Reynard

I have made a life-long practice of studying relationships, communication, and sexuality (both in and out of the classroom.)

After years of working in agencies and teaching masters and doctorate level therapists, I decided to go into private practice. I was tired of the constrictions and regulations that came with agency work and realized that the only way I was going to break free from the 50-minute therapy hours and the pressure to carry case loads of 30-40 clients at a time was to branch out on my own.  

Working as an independent therapist & coach has empowered me to delve more deeply into my work and really invest personally in the people that I serve. Over the past few years, I can really say I feel the people who come to me for therapy and/or coaching feel more like friends than clients. And the work we have done together has had as profound effect on me, as it has on them!

I strive to approach all of my sessions with grace, humor, and unconditional love; and to provide an engaging and supportive environment for clients to learn new skills and open to infinite possibilities. Blending my unique interests and areas of expertise, I help individuals and couples increase intimacy, embrace ecstasy, heal wounds, break through old patterns, and bring new passion and vibrancy to their lives…both in the bedroom and beyond!

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Korenna Reynard Success Stories

This Might Just Save our Marriage

Couples considering divorce

When we first started seeing Korenna, we were on the verge of divorce. We’d seen marriage therapists before, and were skeptical, but she came highly recommended by a friend so we gave it a try. Working with Korenna is different than our other therapy experiences. Korenna is frank and honest and she keeps us engaged with each other as opposed to getting caught up in past hurts and assumptions. She gives us practical exercises to do with each other. She asks the difficult questions we know we need to address but are to chicken to ask ourselves, and somehow she makes it seem easy. Before we started seeing Korenna, I had no interest in having sex with my husband but would do it every couple of months just to keep the peace. Korenna helped us reconnect with each other and talk about our needs & desires in a way we never had before. Working with her might just save our marriage!

Let's Do This Right the First Time

Engaged couples

As our wedding day drew nearer we knew we needed some help. We were fighting more, feeling less connected, and having sex much, much less. Korenna helped us see how we were disconnecting from ourselves in hopes of avoiding conflict with each other. She also helped us see how these “good intentions” were causing us to become resentful and distant. We’re getting married in just a few months, and we’re feeling better than ever. I expect we'll stop back to see her now and again over the years to keep our marriage on the right track!

Korenna Helped me with Issues I didn't Even Know I Had

Women in complicated relationships

My husband and I had a very healthy sex life for years. Then we had kids! I’m not sure what happened, but I just lost interest in sex after becoming a mom. I knew having sex with my husband was a necessary part of keeping our relationship healthy, but I wanted to actually WANT it, not just endure it as one of my “wifely duties.” I had no idea what I was getting into when I started working with Korenna. She’s amazing. She helped me love and appreciate how my life, body, and sexuality has changed since being a mom. She helped me connect to my own pleasure and desire and helped me bring that to my relationship with my husband. She helped me reconcile some guilt & conflict I didn’t even realize I was feeling around balancing my “mommy” self with my “sexy” self. She’s an angel. I never really felt like I was seeing a therapist. Working with Korenna is like talking to your best friend.

A Whole New Man!

Men seeking a relationship

My sessions with Korenna have really helped me open up to my own power. My friends and family have noticed I have more confidence and am more easy going about things. I have always had problems with stress and assertiveness. I tried going to therapy in high school and in college. I never got the results I’ve seen from working with Korenna.more

JL - Phone Sessions

Better than I ever expected

Men in complicated relationships

When I first starting seeing Korenna, I was a mess. I had a wife, and a couple girlfriends, and a regular porn habit, and still sex never seemed to be exciting enough for me to feel satisfied. Through masturbation coaching, Korenna helped me break my porn habit and connect to pleasure in my own body. After that, she encouraged me to continue counseling to help me recover from hurt and shame I experienced in my youth and past relationships and to learn how to value myself, my needs, my desires. When I was ready, we invited my wife into session and Korenna helped us learn how to reconnect to each other and communicate better. She’d never take the credit, but Korenna saved me and my marriage.more

GW - individual & couples counseling

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