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Why Intimacy And Sex Are SO Sacred


Our modern relationship with sex can be plagued with many distortions that are linked to guilt, shame and insecurities about our physical appearance or abilities in the bedroom.

There was a time when sex was used as a way to heal our emotional self, to love beyond the physical, as a way to expand consciousness and to pro-create along with experiencing pleasure. Many people have fallen into the trap believing that our sexual desires outside of marriage are sinful. The effects of this belief have caused us to become ashamed of our true sexual nature.

I was guided to write a book that breaks down the true essence of our sexual nature as a teaching manual, to explore the deeper realms of sacred sexuality. I decided to use a more creative way to teach people about sacred sexuality by weaving together the experiences of a man on his own spiritual journey.

This is how my new short erotica ebook series “The Sacred Sexual Journey of Antonio Commons” was born.

Antonio Commons is a player who suddenly awakens to realize his true potential as a sexual healer. He discovers that sex is sacred and that there is more to the universe than meets the eye. The story goes into depth on how sexuality and spirituality are interchangeable.


You have entered the vortex within a very unique story. This short book is part of a series that has several purposes. The main intention is to gently guide you toward experiencing sexuality by its true sacred nature; sacred meaning: entitled to veneration or religious respect by association with divinity or divine things; holy.

This book series also serves as a catalyst, encouraging the flow of sexual energy and sensuality within women, which can be stimulated daily. This essential flow of energy has been suppressed for thousands of years and it is time for women to be free by her true nature once again.

These books were also written for men: to give insight on how to ravish a woman and excite her to the depths of her soul. Men will receive inspiration and examples on how to connect with women on a deeper level during intimacy.

The purpose of my art is to entertain and educate on a level beyond traditional methods. Allow all of your senses to be triggered. Allow yourself to get lost within Antonio’s journey. I am sure you’ll enjoy uncovering the hidden powers of your true erotic nature. This is only the beginning ...

Chapter 1

Once they made eye contact, Alicia could not resist the enticement of Antonio’s stare. His concentrated presence had always been a woman’s weakness.

This power devoured her sense of control. He knew that being seduced into a helpless surrender is a longing all women share. Alicia walked toward Antonio. He told her to stop, and then “turn around.”

She put her weight on her high heel and performed a smooth pirouette on the wood floor, her toes tapping as she came to a halt. As she stood still, her legs began to tremble. The anticipation made her juices flow.

In that moment, nothing else mattered but the idea of him deep inside of her. Their erotic dance put her in a trance. Her heartbeat matched the rhythm of her desire, afire.

Antonio slowly approached her from behind and whispered in her ear. “Close your eyes,” he said. He dropped to his knees and slowly rubbed his face all over her soft round ass through the fabric of her thin sun dress. The scent of her divine nectar laced his inhale. He couldn’t resist the temptation to take a taste. He inserted his index finger deep within her slippery walls. As her juices began to flow more readily, he replaced his finger with his stiff tongue and took a drink. He smiled with overwhelming gratitude. She gently moaned and shivered, softly begging him to continue.

“Please give it to me… Please?”

Antonio whispered gently behind her ear, “I will, but you have to wait. I love the way you crave.” Alicia was addicted to the way Antonio ravished her.

He always knew just what to do and just what to say to ignite the flames of her deepest desires. No other man could make her surrender in the same way. He continually pulled her into a world where inhibitions didn’t exist: a place where there was nothing to resist.

Antonio’s pants began to bulge, expressing his excitement: The wet spot in his boxers was a prelude of what was to cum. He calmly walked away from Alicia, made himself comfortable on the couch, and delivered a gentle command:

“Close your eyes and take off your panties.”

As Alicia slid her panties down her thighs, they glistened with traces of her love elixir. Antonio undressed and watched her, patiently. Her intuition tuned into his nature, which compelled her to take a peek. He felt her urge and responded.

“Keep your eyes closed. Take off your dress and get on your knees. Face me,” he demanded.

As Alicia lowered herself to her knees, she breathed deeply, in and out. An uncontrollable feeling of desire possessed her. She desperately wanted Antonio to perform an exorcism, so she could release the flood from the floodgates on his face and his manhood.

“Now, open your eyes,” he said, in a serene tone. She was relieved that he might ease her desire. When she opened her eyes, the site of his hard pulsing thickness made her mouth water and her groin ache.

“Crawl to me, now. Not too fast ... I want to look at you,” he said. As she began to crawl toward what she desired, her juices trickled down the inside of her thighs. She arched her back and displayed her round ass and hips, giving Antonio a good show. She continued to crawl toward him, every forward movement graceful, like a feline.

Once Alicia came face to face with all ten inches, she attempted to take a taste. She could not wait to devour every inch.

“No,” he said calmly, “Good girl, good girl…”

He took his hard manhood and rubbed it all over her face and under her nose, so his scent would be more prevalent once she took a taste. She stuck out her tongue and enjoyed this limited taste test with an excitement that made her cum slightly.

“Now it’s time to feed you the main course.”

He slowly filled her mouth. She swallowed him deep into her throat until she gagged, then licked the shaft all over every inch, up and down. Alicia’s desire took control. Her saliva soaked the inside of his thighs and dripped down into the couch. She moaned, her voice muffled, her mouth full of him. She knew exactly how to work his shaft to give him maximum pleasure. Every wooden inch was full with his seed, ready to be planted.

He pulled out of her mouth and spoke to her as he stared deep into her eyes:

“Are those slippery walls ready to be filled?”

“Yes, please,” she said in desperation.

Alicia couldn’t keep still: her body trembled and danced unconsciously, ready to ride his shaft. Antonio grasped his manhood with his right hand and slid his left hand over her ass, taking a firm grip and pulled her hips close to his. He began to rub the head of his penis in between her legs, grazing the top of her pussy and stimulating her clitoris.

“If I slip deep inside, will you promise to cream me up like a good girl?”

“Yes, I promise. I’ll cream for you. I promise,” she replied, eager to please.

Antonio picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. He laid her on the bed and carefully explored every inch of her perfect feminine form with his face. His nose took in her floral essences. His lips hungrily kissed and licked her sweet skin and love juices. Alicia moaned and shivered as he teased her by blowing on her knees, pulling away, and then suckling her nipples one at a time. Her deepest pleasures were revealed. She became lost amidst rolling waves of ecstasy. As Antonio’s manhood gradually made his way into her sacred womb, they passed into an altered state that seemed like an open space of silence… a space where time disappeared.

Antonio and Alicia suddenly felt a surge of energy traverse their bodies. The sensation was too powerful to be contained. All of their bodies’ cells pulsated, merging each aspect of their existence. They became one being breathing the same breath. The merger felt divine.

While in this state, Alicia received a vision of what seemed to be another life: she’s a mother with three children, living in a small rural home. Colorful crystals strung on thread, hung from the rafters. She saw an image of a man who seemed to be Antonio, but it didn’t look like him at all. The man had a long beard and long thick black hair.

He looked worried, as if something was profoundly troubling him. Without warning, a group of men kicked in the door and charged him. Two of the men brutally stabbed him with a staff engulfed by an amorphous energy. Alicia screamed, partially in terror and partially due to an incredible orgasm.

A huge burst of energy exploded over their bodies, causing them to separate and collapse on the bed. The ecstasy they shared brought her back to the present day with Antonio.

As they lay side by side, in shock from what had just occurred, no words were spoken. The silence between them felt as if it was a separate entity. Antonio turned his head and looked at Alicia, a puzzled expression on his face.

“What the hell just happened?”

“I don’t know,” she answered, emotional, but satiated.

Antonio was used to having complete control in the bedroom. His ability to control various situations with women made him feel safe. This experience, although pleasurable, left him completely outside his comfort zone.

Alicia seemed to enjoy herself as much as he did, so he accepted his vulnerability, although he figured this would increase his chances of being disappointed. Ironically, Alicia felt more comfortable with this deeper experience, leading her further into the unknown and further into her attraction for Antonio.

They continued to lie still and quiet, staring up at the ceiling. Antonio broke the silence.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m okay. How about you?”

Antonio smiled nervously before he replied: “I’m good.”

“Are you sure?” Alicia wasn’t convinced, “You seem to be a little shaken up.”

Antonio quickly denounced her claim.

“Nah… but, that was crazy!” he admitted, “Did you feel that powerful energy?”

Alicia could not hold back her smile. "Yes,” she beamed, “that was amazing.”

There was nothing else to say: they were lost within a dream world. Shock waves from what had just occurred left them speechless. A mysterious afterglow lingered and calmed their souls.

They lay like that for a couple more hours, falling in and out of sleep.

Eventually, Antonio and Alicia were ready to part ways. There was still a deep silence in the air. Antonio watched Alicia unravel her slinky sun dress over her beautiful body. He became aroused once again, but took a deep breath and resisted the urge to entangle himself. She delicately placed the dress straps over her shoulders.

Antonio felt a rush of emotions as he watched. He approached her and embraced her beautiful body in an intense, heartfelt hug. They clung to each other in a loving exchange. Once parted, Alicia looked up at Antonio and they stared deeply into each other.

Tears began to well up in Antonio’s bold, brown eyes. He felt an incomprehensible disappointment and shame. It was as if he was witnessing these feelings without attachment, although they seemed oddly familiar. He spoke: his tone was paternal and humbly apologetic.

“Please forgive me, Beloved. I never meant to put you and our children in danger. I made a terrible mistake. Please forgive me. You no longer have to hold on to this pain. I need you to forgive me… and, let me go.”

Alicia burst into tears. She too experienced the inexplicable déjà vu, an overwhelming sadness. It was hard for her to speak, but she pulled herself together and replied, her voice trembling:

I love you so much. I forgive you and I will let you go with my deepest love and honor.”

The room began to feel brighter. A heavy weight neither of them knew was there had been lifted off their shoulders. The magnetism between them was almost unbreakable. An intense energy culminated within Antonio and Alicia once again.

Their bodies shivered with the power of an exploding orgasm. They hugged and embraced, and kissed once again. Alicia finally pulled away and made it to the door. She left, anxious, with a subtle goodbye.

Antonio stood by the door for several moments, in shock and disbelief.

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