Energy Psychology

Years in Practice

3-5 years


Atlanta GA 30314 - United States



Additional Expertise

Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Sex Coach, Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Healer



I Believe

Nothing is for certain but everything is possible.

About Jason Hairston

Jason Hairston is an international healing
artist who incorporates techniques through conscious hip hop music,
speaking, energy healing and self mastery coaching. He is very
passionate about helping people by providing necessary tools for
personal evolution. Everything he shares is based on the foundation of
love and freedom. His passion is projected through his unconditional
love and service for people. He is available for personal sessions,
workshops, speaking opportunities and music projects. 

Jason Hairston Success Stories

In House Self Mastery Healing Testimonial

Single women


"When the student is ready the teacher will come. As an energy worker
and teacher myself it's not always easy for me to surrender to a healing
process without getting in my own way. I've had the good fortune of
connecting with Jason Hairston
through Instagram about a year ago. I am inspired daily by his high
level messages about love and growth and connection and his ability to
share wisdom so it's felt in the heart. Working with him
in person the past week he assisted me through a multi-dimensional
healing with compassion, love and humor. He has such pure, clear energy
and a natural ability to make me feel comfortable and unconditionally
accepted. He helped me integrate aspects of myself that has sustained a
new layer of empowerment, joy and direction for my work. Jason has tremendous gifts. He uses modalities that fit the unique needs of his client. Your life will be changed."-Jesse Remer

Long Distance Energy Healing Testimonial

Single women

Do you want to be seen? Accepted? Do you want to experience an energetic connection? Do you know what it feels like to be in the presence of the balanced masculine? Do you want to start trusting the masculine once again? Or are there wounds around men you have no access to seeing or integrating because you do not let men come close enough?more

I find relating to Jason in an energetic way to always be beautiful and mesmerizing. The relating turns into a subtle experience of energetic movement that invokes a heart opening and the remembering that we are more than physical beings and that there are more ways to connect to one another than just through the body. The experience softens me, it opens me up and gives me a chance to see myself as I am being witnessed. In a session with Jason I have an opportunity to connect to a man in a way that feels safe, were I am accepted as I am, supported to be the woman that I am, to express the feminine as it arises, and to open up in a non-judgemental way. I experience his presence as patient, observant, present, loving and there are no expectations to fulfill. I can just be.

If you want to experience being in the presence of the balanced masculine, then a session with Jason will provide you with that experience. If you answered 'yes' to any of the questions above, I believe that Jason can assist you in your process. I definitely recommend that you at least once in your lifetime have this kind of experience. You will find that it will alter your being in ways that you cannot describe with words but with feelings. You will feel your feminine aspect awake."-Iri Vallianos

Self Mastery Coaching Testimonial

Single women

"Jason is a very loving and gentle soul who is great with guidance. He speaks from the heart and lets his intuition guide him in all he does. He has helped me in all aspects of my life to look at whatever I'm dealing with from all perspectives. Great insight from a caring and understanding person who is balanced and non-judgmental. He exudes love and understanding. I would highly recommend his services to anyone!"-Eve Pull

Long Distance Energy Healing Testimonial s

Men dealing with stress

"I'm sending out a MAJOR thank you to my brother from another mother Jason Hairston for a healing session. I feel restored, balanced and at ease and more. A message and testimony to men out there, what Jason does ain't no joke, it's "THE REAL DEAL!" More of us need to get on it."-Mark McGibbon

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