3 Real Ways To Know If A Guy Is Falling In Love With You (And If It Will Last)

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signs he's falling for you

When you meet a guy you’re attracted to, it’s hard to tell the genuine signs he’s falling for you. Flirting with you is not enough. Asking for your number is certainly not a guarantee.

You need a better way of vetting men so you’re not wasting time with the wrong guy. Many guys come on strong but who has what it takes to make it to the finish line?

With that in mind, here are three signs he's falling for you... hard:

1. He's consistent.

When a guy first meets you, falling for you is not hard to do. The test comes when after he meets you and you must now ask yourself: is he consistent? 

Does he pursue you? Does he want to be with you no matter what you’re doing, not just when you’re having sex? It’s called courtship. Courtship is a test of time.

Time is the most valuable thing we have. If a man consistently wants to spend time with you, he’s falling for you hard.

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2. He does what he says he will do. 

While it’s great when a man wants to spend time with you, it’s his ability to make and keep agreements that will tell if he’s able to build with you.

Falling hard is great. However, you need a place to land. A man you can make and keep agreements with is demonstrating that he can be someone you can have a future with.

Does he call when he says he’s going to call? Does he show up when he says he’s going to show up? Does he introduce you to family and friends when he says he’s going to?

Relationships are a series of kept agreements. These agreements build on each other. First, you want to see if a man can keep simple agreements before you give him your heart and agree to more complex agreements.

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3. He makes future plans and is committed to you.

When you first meet a guy falling in love is a feeling. However, being in love is a decision. Professing his love for you until the sun comes up is a feeling. Being there when the sun comes up is a decision.

You can see it in the future plans he wants to make with you. You can feel it in his concern for how you feel. You know it when he wants to take more and more responsibility for you.

Commitment is the final piece of the puzzle that lets you know if you fit together. A guy whose falling for you hard demonstrates it by his consistency, his ability to make and keep agreements, and his commitment to you.

Falling in love is a feeling. Courtship is a test of time. Being in love is a decision. Watch a man’s actions while he’s falling for you and decide if he’s the right man for you. 

If you want to narrow it down to the only one way to tell if a guy is falling hard for you then I will say; people who know how to love have the ability to make and keep agreements. A relationship is a series of kept agreements. A man who keeps his agreements with you is a man you can build with and be in love with for the long-run.

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