3 Ways The BEST Qualities Of Strong Women Can RUIN Your Chances At Love

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strong women turn men off

You have it all, and you know it. 

You're smart, you're confident, you have a great career that you worked hard for. You are a strong woman

You're probably also an Alpha woman. 

Don't get me wrong, that's not a bad thing.

Strong men like strong women. But sometimes your Alpha woman energy can turn men off. 

It's not your strength that's a turn-off, but some of the less inviting aspects of being in your "masculine energy".

If you feel like it never works out with guys who are your equals — emotionally and intellectually — then you might not be treating them like they're equals. 

Here are three ways, from a man's point of view, that strong women go from exciting to a serious turn-off

1. You're enthusiastic, so you talk a lot.


You're talking fast, and you have a lot to say, and there's nothing wrong with that. 

But sometimes strong women talk a lot in a way that shuts down conversation for anyone but themselves. 

Men also notice that the tone is somewhat hard, if not downright abrasive, and they don't feel invited into the conversation. 

Talking fast may sound like you know what you're doing to you, but to a man it just sounds like you don't have any feelings.

You can be a powerful Alpha woman without dominating a conversation. 

In fact, if you want to meet a guy who is your emotional and intellectual equal, you're going to need to slow it down so he can join in. 

2. You're authoritative, so you take control.

You're a strong, intelligent woman, and that's great. Men LOVE intelligence.

And as an alpha woman, coming off as authoritative works at work. It puts you in a position of leadership and people look up to you.

The challenge is not knowing when to stop putting yourself in a position of authority.

When you meet a man you like, it's time to shift gears, because a strong man doesn't want a woman who is authoritative over him. He wants an equal.

And you being authoritative isn't going to work in a balanced relationship, because you'll just seem controlling.

And there's NOTHING sexy about a controlling woman, and it's only going to attract weak men. 

3. You're a serious person, so you never let people see your soft or playful side.  

When you're always being serious, it's a sign you're in your "masculine energy".

Accomplished men know that humor is the key to success.

If they notice you're not laughing, they'll get a sense that you're about to try to sell them on how much you know — and that's not the same as communicating or relating to the guy you're with.

Talking fast, being authoritative, and being serious are great skills for business. People will follow you, and you'll have a lot of success.

When you're not at work, you need to show that there is something playful about you.

Strong, good men love intelligent women. They will find you exciting and stimulating to talk to, but before you can become lovers, these strong men need to see if you can shift gears.

They want to know your "feminine energy" side. The side that isn't controlling, isn't trying to dominate situations, and where they can be their full, powerful selves alongside you.

Once they see it, they know there's a place for them to be the men that they really are.

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