3 Signs He Wants To Be With You For The Long-Run

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3 Ways How Men Bond With Women For the Long Run

When you meet a guy who's attracted to you, it's great. But, as you know from experience, simply attraction is not enough.

After you've seen a few guys come and go, it becomes important to know how men bond with women they're dating.

With that in mind, here are 3 signs that he wants to commit to you, if you have them in this order:

1. He starts out slow.

A guy who can be in a relationship for the long run starts out slow. I call it starting at level 5. He takes his time getting to know you because he knows it takes more than just chemistry to be in a relationship.

Guys who start at level 10 are all about chemistry. They start out strong and want to be with you all the time. The challenge is they can't keep up the pace and quickly lose interest because they're not building anything with you.

A guy who starts at level 5 has room to grow and bond with you. It takes time and shared experiences to bond with a guy. A guy who can be with you for the long run starts out slow. He wants to know you.

2. He builds momentum.

Men bond as they build momentum with you. It shows as he starts to see you more and make you a part of his life.

It's not enough that he starts slow there has to be a feeling that he is building momentum with you.

If you find yourself getting into a pattern of just seeing him once a week for a date over a long period of time, then he doesn't have momentum with you.

A guy with momentum starts making plans ahead and asks you how you feel about them. He's not just living week to week with you.

A good question to ask yourself is: "Do I feel have momentum with him?"

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3. He has an eye for the finish line.

The final piece of the puzzle is men bond when they commit to you. This happens when he asks you to stop dating other people and be exclusive with him.

When he starts talking about and making long-range plans with you.

When he's introducing you to family and friends and you're becoming a part of his life. And finally, of course, when he asks you to marry him.

You will notice that he wants to take more and more responsibility for you. This means he includes you in his decisions in life and asks you how you feel about them. In other words, he wants to build a life with you.

Men bond with you when they start out slow and get to know you as a human being. Time and shared experiences are the way a man opens his heart.

Momentum is key for a man. A man who's building with you is bonding with you.

A man who can see the finish line and shares his vision with you is a man you can be with for the long run.

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