The 3 Brutally Honest Reasons He's Pulling Away From You

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3 Real Reasons Why Men Leave Women

There are always signs.

When you met him the chemistry was off the charts. You spent all your time together. Now you haven't heard from him in days.

Before you call him to find out what's wrong (which, by the way, never works ), consider these 3 reasons why men leave women:

1. You had sex too soon.


Anticipation outranks consummation. If a man hasn't worked hard to win you over, he won't be able to fall in love with you. Men fall in love when they give, not when they receive. No friendship builds past the first lay. 

Immature men will beg for sex or try to make you feel guilty for not giving it to him. If he starts talking about how you're hurting his feelings, and or he doesn't want to get to know you first, he's doing you a favor by pulling away.

2. He thinks he can't afford you.


Men make their assessments after sex. Once the smoke clears he will ask himself a very important question: "Can I make her life better than it is?"

If they decide it's not a sustainable situation, men will leave women. Guys have to think that what they can provide for you will make you happy because they have to think they're winning in life.

You may think this is too calculated, and it is. Real men don't fall in love, they decide to be in love. They base it on what they know they can bring to the table.

If it doesn't add up, he will pull away. This is actually a noble thing to do. On the contrary, immature men will stick around and waste your time.

3. He thinks he can't make you happy.


Often after having sex with a man, a woman will work on improving him. When you met him, he was amazing. Now, he needs a lot of work. Men thrive on appreciation for what they do.

If at any point he decides that what he's doing can't make you happy he will pull away and give you this speech: "I've been thinking about our relationship and I realize I can't make you happy, I'm going to let you go and find someone who can." .

The reason men pull away happens way before they pull away. It has to do with courtship. Men need courtship even more than you do. Speed kills a budding relationship.

If you're ready to move in before he asks you he will pull away. It has to be his idea. 

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