How To Have A Full Body Orgasm, Multiple Orgasms, And Better Sex Overall

How To Have Full Body & Multiple Orgasms And Why You Should Do It

Did you know that having orgasms is one of the most healing things that can happen to your body? That having multiple orgasms is something anyone can do if they relax their body and allow the energy to flow?

That we can learn to channel orgasms through our body, experiencing a full body orgasm and orgasmic vibrations that have the power to heal us? Did you also know that ejaculation is not an orgasm, even though it usually happens simultaneously with an orgasm?

The ancient Chinese figured out that orgasmic vibration is an energy that we can tap into and spread around our body. I first learned about this when I was studying a degree in Chinese medicine and I started to learn Taoist Sexual Alchemy meditation

In this practice, I learned to transform and circulate my energy and to move my sexual energy out of my vagina, up my spine and to my head. As much as this may sound like a bizarre esoteric thing to do, the results were INCREDIBLE.

My orgasmic experiences started to change rapidly. I went from experiencing orgasm as an elusive phantom to becoming completely multi-orgasmic in a period of a couple months. 

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At the same time, chronic pain in my back and hips disappeared. The way my body moved started to change as I became significantly more supple and began to move with greater ease. Niggling insomnia issues melted and life became such a positive experience. 

The things I wanted in life just started happening around me with little effort. I started attracting the right people into my life on many levels. The whole energy in my existence changed when I learned to become multi-orgasmic.

Ancient Taoists have a huge quantity of writings about how to have sex. Manuals called The Art of the Bedchamber were in every ancient Chinese bedroom. They understood sex in ways that modern society does not. They describe orgasm as an energy with the power to heal us on many levels.

I certainly discovered this for myself over an unexpected and mind-blowing series of months.

What is the relevance of our sexual experience?

Out of all the mammals, humans have a unique sexual experience. I have seen animals having sex and it never seemed that fun. They do it as an urge at the time of mating. 

Although there seems to be evidence that female animals also do have orgasmic contractions, it is humans who are unique in having sex all year long, the majority of the time for enjoyment.

Personally, I link this to our spiritual nature. Although I believe that animals are spiritual too, the human experience is different. Somehow, nature created us with the ability to have sex every day of the month and at the same time with an urge to question what lay beyond the stars. 

This is what took us out of the jungle and into the city: our desire to constantly dream and search higher. A yearning for more. 

Some of the most profound spiritual moments I have had have been while making love. I can't help but feel a deep connection between myself as a sexual being and myself as a spiritual being.

Ancient Oriental spiritual traditions saw our sexuality and spiritual functions as being inextricably linked. Sex is the key to love and love opens us up to the higher realms of existence. This is what I have experienced with my journey through Sexual Alchemy meditation. 

As I started to open up sexually and experience my orgasmic potential, unsurprisingly I began to feel happier in myself. That’s pretty logical, that having multiple orgasms would make someone happy. 

We all know stress causes illness, but how to explain the disappearance of the pain in my back? Tension causes pain, and I certainly loosened up and relaxed. Still, I knew there was more to it.  

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Ancient Sexual Science

The ancient Oriental esoteric traditions of Taoism and Tantra talk about the movement of energy in the body. This is how acupuncture works and why it can treat conditions Western medicine cannot understand. These traditions talk about a healthy and natural upward movement of energy in the body. 

Have you noticed how children run around with seemingly limitless energy? It is because their energy naturally flows upwards. They have not yet spent 12 years in school sitting on a chair and being told not to move. 

As we get older and the more time we spend sitting, our energy starts to stagnate. Taoist meditative practice — tai chi and chi kung, yoga, and Tantric massage — all work to get the energy flowing up again.

I read ancient Taoist texts and started to realize there was a running theme of ‘immortality’. Characters in legends were said to refine their chi to such an extent that they achieved immortality and floated into the clouds. 

As fantastical as this may sound, when I went to study Taoist Meditation in Thailand with the Grand Master Mantak Chia, I was surprised to notice all the seemingly ageless women around him who were in their 50’s and looked 30.

The process of Sexual Alchemy Meditation is to bring the sexual energy up our body, through our spines and to our brain, a practice known as 'returning the jing (essence) to feed the brain'. 

The explanation for why it heals us and makes us look younger is that instead of the hormones being stuck in our sexual organs, they spread through the body and reactivate our glands. 

This is harnessing the power to create life (essence) in the sexual energy and using it to heal ourselves. Part of the aging process is about the deterioration of the glands which causes cells to degenerate, so the practice literally can reverse cell degeneration. 

Guess what? Our sexual organs are energy generators. In most of us, the 'jing' or essence, a major ingredient of the sexual energy (which has the power to create life), lies dormant. Stuck in the genitals, it is easily reduced to a mere source of frustration. 

Sexual activity can become about releasing tensions, over all too quickly, instead of the prolonged experiences of ecstatic bliss and connection that we are capable of. We can learn to channel the energy out of our sexual organs and all around our bodies, bringing that ecstatic feeling to every part of our being

This is the key to learning to have full body orgasms. It involves a process of body movement, mental focus, and muscular contractions to raise the energy. Channeling the energy in this way not only allows us to heal our bodies but also gives us the incredible strength to use creatively in our lives. 

Try contracting your pelvic floor gently and rhythmically, and notice what you start to feel.

Ever noticed how amazing someone looks after an incredible sexual experience? How blissful is it to lie in the arms of your beloved after an amazing lovemaking session? How everything else melts away and for a time, we lie in the arms of perfection?

Imagine if you can learn to harness that energy to bring it around your body to heal and empower yourself. When you look at a picture of a serene monk, practicing celibacy and meditating in the Himalayas, I promise you he is not repressing his sexual energy. 

He is meditating and raising the sexual energy up his body, transforming it into healing and spiritual energy. That is why he looks so serene. This is the original reason why people became monks and nuns, to transform their sexual energy into spiritual energy and find a deep connection with the Universe.

What is an orgasm?

An orgasm in a woman could be described as muscular contractions during an intense state of pleasure in sexual activity. They are caused by a build-up of energy. Between the contractions are vibrations, and these vibrations are the energy that we can harness. 

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When the usual process of the downward flow of sexual energy is reversed and the energy is channeled up, the body begins to vibrate with pleasure. These vibrations can increase and continue for an hour or longer. 

They flow best in a relaxed body and have been described as a relaxation orgasm or orgasmic state as opposed to the tension orgasm of a brief ejaculation (which is more like a sneeze) or brief vaginal contractions. These are the orgasms that practitioners of tantric sex search for. The vibrations start to fill our cells and vibrate their structure. 

According to the Taoists, this starts to heal and re-balance cells that have started to decay.

Most people consider orgasm and ejaculation in men to be the same thing. It is not. In most men, when an orgasm starts, it stops almost immediately as the energy is pushed out into an ejaculation. 

If a man can learn to tell the difference between the two, he can learn to stop the ejaculation and still have an orgasm. The practice of 'edging' comes from these traditions and is a way to experiment with this. 

The key to this is to learn to build up the energy close to the point of ejaculation and then pull back. It's not an easy thing to master, although unsurprisingly perhaps meditators tend to get it quite quickly. It is about learning to harness the energy instead of losing it. It takes practice, focus, and patience. 

A man's orgasm can actually continue indefinitely if he can separate it from ejaculation. If he is relaxed, it can spread up his body into a full body orgasm. 

Somehow, the perfection of the understanding that sex is not shameful or sinful, but a source of healing and spiritual connection, resonates with me. Our desire for sex is the great leveler that brings all humans, no matter how rich or poor, together. 

It takes the Lord into the bedroom of the call-girl and allows all social barriers to crumble as they enter into passion in each other's arms. 

We all have sexual desires and sexual desires are the pathway to experiencing love, that crazy experience that makes us go mad and throw away the mundane for the magical. 

As much as safety has its place, the world we inhabit was created by dreamers and adventurers who left behind the mundane and journeyed into the unknown, discovering electricity and rocket science.

Orgasm, in a sense, is the chaos energy of the Universe. We go crazy, lose control, and forget who we are in ecstasy as our cells vibrate and heal

In a sense, we give up our shells; our armoring. Briefly, at least, we become truly human. As much as I love order and security, without the mystery, the magic, without excitement, our lives lack meaning and stagnate. 

This is the power of orgasm: to bring us truly into the human experience and to reorder the mundane into the sublime.

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Jade Lotus is a therapist and meditation coach, teaching Taoist Inner Alchemy Meditation, including Sexual Alchemy. Her therapy sessions center on allowing clients to move on from their traumas and discover themselves for who they really are. Jade combines ancient Chinese and Tantric knowledge with modern psychology to create bespoke sessions for her clients. To find out more, visit her website

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