There Are 2 Types Of Male Orgasms — How To Tell The REAL Difference

Who knew!?

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When most people think of a male orgasm, they envision the man having an explosive ejaculation of semen. However, in the human male, orgasm and ejaculation are actually two separate processes. 

You might be very surprised by this but it's a scientifically proven fact. Orgasm and ejaculation are so separate that they are controlled by entirely different parts of the brain and nervous system.

In the majority of male orgasms, ejaculation occurs so close to the time of the actual orgasm, most people just automatically assume they are part of the same process. However, one of the keys to understanding the different types of male orgasm is to understand that one can happen without the other.


In other words, a man can have an orgasm without experiencing an ejaculation. This is sometimes referred to as a "dry orgasm." The reverse is true as well. A man can ejaculate without experiencing an orgasm. Some "wet dreams" are examples of this.


In some cultures, men are taught how to achieve an orgasm without ejaculation. For example, many Hindus and Buddhists learn these methods. Because of the pleasurable benefits for the man and the intense bonding that can occur with his partner, western cultures are becoming increasingly aware of these tantra methods. This is occurring through the internet, books, videos, therapy and other popular culture means.


Thus, there are two basic types of male orgasm:

  1. Male orgasm with ejaculation
  2. Male orgasm without ejaculation

The refractory period is the period of rest between orgasms. This is a blissful euphoric period as the "feel good hormones," where endorphins and oxytocin flood the man's body and brain.

During the refractory period, a man cannot orgasm again. If a man ejaculates when he has an orgasm, his refractory period is much longer than when he doesn't ejaculate. Therefore, if a man learns how to orgasm without ejaculating, he can achieve waves of multiple orgasms within minutes of one another, just like many women are able to achieve. These waves of multiple orgasms can turn into full body experiences, sometimes causing the whole body to shake, instead of the sensation being concentrated in the gonadal region only.



Some men can also achieve a different type of orgasm with direct stimulation of their prostate gland. In fact, there are actually two different types of orgasm possible with prostate stimulation.

If the prostate is milked, a clear fluid may be released through the penis and a quick but very intense orgasm may be achieved. Other times, the prostate contracts and the resulting orgasm is less intense, but it is felt deep down and throughout the man's whole body, and may last a very long time. Some men have actually reported these type of orgasms lasting for an hour.

Men also have a G-spot much like woman, although it is located in a different spot. On a man, the G-spot is located approximately two inches inside the anus. If a finger is inserted into the anus, it is felt as a hard spot about the size of a chestnut. Direct simulation of this hard spot, as well as sustained indirect stimulation of this area and nearby erogenous zones, will usually result in a very intense male orgasm.


However, many men have never experienced this type of male orgasm because of hang-ups about stimulation in this particular region of the body. Other men might be open to trying this but their partner might not be cooperative about stimulating this particular region of the body.

While it is possible for a man to self-stimulate himself in this region, most men report that is far more pleasurable with a partner stimulating their G-spot.



In order for men to experience all the different types of male orgasm, both he and his partner need to be open to doing so. This involves both physical and mental cooperation. Remember, the most important sexual organ is the brain. If a man resists the idea of a particular type of orgasm, the probability of actually achieving that type of orgasm is much lower than if he can relax and enjoy the discovery process.

Some men have been known to experience a different type of orgasm than the typical ejaculation type and actually think something was wrong with them for doing so, even if they report feeling a great deal of pleasure. Just remember, sometimes the discovery of a different kind of male orgasm by accident can be the most pleasurable way to experience it for the first time.

As they say, just go with the flow!