4 Tips To 'Get You There' When Orgasming Seems Damn Near Impossible

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Females are all so busy doing a million things in a day: running around, driving in traffic, taking kids to school, shopping, cooking, career, family, and everything else. All of these things keep us in our head and disconnected from our body. Unfortunately, that's NOT a good thing when it comes to sex and intimacy.

Being in your head blocks the ability to orgasm easy and effortlessly. Along with that, add some anti-depressants to the mix and it’s nearly impossible. So, what’s a girl to do?


I just can’t get into it, so I make sure he’s taken care of. And then what? He’s relieved and feeling fine, and you're pissed and frustrated. Has this ever happened to you?

You were intimately involved with your partner and you didn’t climax. The lack of ability to orgasm is frustrating and embarrassing for women and men alike, yet it isn't at all uncommon.

Only 30 percent of women are able to experience orgasm. If you're one of the 70 percent, you aren't alone and you aren't doing yourself any favors by faking it. So take a deep breath and think about this little tidbit: It's every woman’s birthright to feel ultimate pleasure during intimacy. 


Why do you think we yell, "Oh, God!" during orgasm and intense pleasure if it wasn’t a divine gift? There are some things you can do to really allow yourself to relax and get ready to have an amazing orgasm. However, there are some things you need to get rid of first:

  • The feelings of hopelessness that you cannot achieve orgasm
  • The idea that something is wrong with you, your partner, and/or your relationship
  • Negative self-talk around this issue
  • Bad-mouthing yourself into climax

If you fall in love with yourself instead of self-deprecating, blaming, and shaming yourself, you will be quite surprised at the possibilities waiting for you. Here are four tips to the first of many wonderful "Os."

1. Relax your mind and your body.

Did you know it takes 30 minutes for the female brain to shift from its masculine work force energy into a relaxed receiving feminine role? Most women don’t ever get these 30 minutes. They leave work, get in the car, rush home or to the gym or to the store. They get home, make dinner, clean up, tend to whomever, and then try to get intimate. No wonder we’re not "in the mood."


If you want your sex life and your relationship to get better, give yourself those scientifically studied 30 minutes needed to relax. Try taking a bath, meditating, doing yoga, resting, or reading something juicy. You will then find yourself in your feminine receiving role, and your orgasm will come much more easily.

2. Experiment with what you like or don't like.

Have experimental playtime with your partner or alone. Way too often we head into the game without much practice, expecting to come out with a win. Slow down and have fun prepping. Get to know your body and what feels good to you. Let your partner memorize all your curves, every crease, and how you like to be touched.

Crazy thing is, many women don’t even know what they like. Then they get frustrated with their man for not knowing how to please them. Invite him to practice. He won’t mind; in fact, I bet he will be a willing participant.


3. Don't be afraid to ask for assistance.

Sometimes we just need a little help. Make sure it’s something beautifully packaged and healthy for your body. I recommend Sex Butter, an all-natural sexual enhancement lubrication product made with organic, healthy ingredients. It's paraben free, hormone free, and promotes faster, longer, more intensely satisfying orgasms. Sex Butter is clean, fresh, and easy to use, and a little goes a long way.

4. Learn how to fall in love with yourself above all else.


A man can only love you as much as you love yourself. Other people cannot fill us with love. Romantic partners are there to catch all the love that pours out from us. All that being said, there are some things we must do on our own.

Your job is to fall madly and deeply in love with yourself. From the inside out, start to praise who you are, and pamper and adore the skin you are in. Kiss your own hands, caress your own curves, and shower yourself with love. The more connected you are to your own body, the more connected you will feel to yourself and your partner.