22 Gifts That Say "I Love You Baby" Without Breaking The Bank

Searching for the perfect gift for your man, but on a tight budget? No worries – here at How to Get the Man of Your Dreams.com, we surveyed our team of Relationship Coaches, who are all male, for gifts they’d love to receive - that cost little to no money. With a little creativity and effort, you can create a lasting impression on the man of your dreams. Below are our top choices for gifts that are affordable or free to give – and will say “I love you, baby” more than a gift card or standard sweater ever will.

1. A scrapbook
All you’ll need is a notebook from your local craft or stationery store. Fill up the pages with photos, ticket stubs, receipts from your outings, and add notes and decorations.

2. A handmade coupon booklet
Make a booklet of coupons he can redeem with you for massages, dinners, or guys-night-outs with no interruptions.

3. A top ten list of compliments
Create a list of reasons that you love him. Examples: #10: I love that you take charge when needed and are willing to follow when needed. #9: I love how you always open the door for me . . .

4. A manly movie night
Select a couple of his favorite MAN movies (Die Hard, Rambo . . . ) and plan a night to watch manly movies with no complaints.

5. A special photo of the two of you in a decorated frame
You can buy an unfinished frame from a craft store, or just get a regular plain one. Embellish it with paint and glue on some decorations.

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