One Thing That Makes Women Crave Sex (And Enjoy It More, Too)

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With so many women owning at least one vibrator these days, it is clear they are a well-loved sexual pleasure device.

However, beyond just the pleasure factor, women should feel free to say a loud and enthusiastic “YES!” when they use a vibrator.


Because they don’t just feel good, vibrators can actually be healthy for you.

As any woman who has used one of these vibrating love gadgets can tell you, vibrators are highly efficient. So efficient, in fact, that they allow women to climax — in some cases —within mere seconds of using them.


These little pleasure-tools quickly increase blood flow and stimulate the sensitive bits so easily that they can help increase sexual arousal, engorgement, and lubrication — not just at the time of use, but also long-term.

This means that women who use vibrators often have increased sexual satisfaction, have healthier blood flow to the pelvic area, and desire sex more often.

Yeah … you read that right.

Vibrators can help women crave sex more often.


So, they are perfect for women who want to increase their libido, and make great gifts from partners who want more playtime in the bedroom.

How do vibrators increase sex drive and help women stay healthy?

With the vast range of vibrators available — from whole-body massagers to remote controlled intercourse-style sex toys — there are many exciting options.

Blood flow is key to healthy “hoo-ha” function.

Going without proper blood flow can lead to thickening of the vagina and clitoris.

When that happens, say hello to vaginal dryness and loss of the elasticity — which means loss of sex drive, decreased pleasure during sex and even painful sex.


This can also lead to increased risk of vaginal infections and discomfort from dryness. 

Since vibrators are so helpful in increasing blood flow through their fast moving motors, they help keep the “va-jay-jay” a happy place.

Will vibrators make women like sex with a partner less?


For those partners out there worried that using a vibrator in the bedroom may make her want it more than you… you can relax.

Women who use vibrators typically desire sexual intimacy more with their partner when using one on a regular basis.

Also, keep in mind that women are not fantasizing about vibrators when they use them.


They are fantasizing about sexual scenarios with a partner because a little plastic or silicone sex toy is not the focus. It is only a little assistant to help get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Think of it like a dishwasher, washing machine or other household convenience for the “private bits”.

And remember ... you can always use a vibrator or sex toy with your partner. 

Not only are you helping keep her healthy (and happy), but you get to enjoy helping her experience profound pleasure! 

Lisa S. Lawless. Ph.D. is the founder and C.E.O. of Holistic Wisdom, Inc. which provides sexual health and wellness education, resources and products. To learn more about what are the latest developments in vibrators as well as which ones are nontoxic and phthalate-free visit –