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Santa, Baby! Countdown Of The 7 Sexiest Santas On Your Screen

sexy santa

'Tis the season! You're busy buying gifts, baking cookies and dreaming about that jolly ol' St. Nick. No judgement here—the appeal is totally understandable ...

What's not to like about a man who doesn't age, runs his own business and loves to give you presents?

The red suit might not be the most flattering, but there are plenty of sexy Santas out there to help you look past that.

7. Kelsey Grammer, "Mr. St. Nick" (2002): Bright eyes, a strong jaw and a great smile make Grammer one handsome Santa. His initial reluctance to take on the role is easily forgiven when you think of all the great work he accomplishes as Nick St. Nicholas, the effort he puts into his relationship with his parents and how good he looks laying out on the beach. Talk about a total package!


6. Tom Hanks (voice) "The Polar Express" (2004): He may have only voiced Santa in this movie, but Tom Hanks' voice is enough to melt even the hearts of those who don't believe. And considering how good he looks in real life, it's pretty easy to imagine him rocking the red suit with fur trim. If only real life were more like the movies—then this sexy Santa would come at the ring of the bell!


5. Tim Allen, "The Santa Clause" series (1994, 2002, 2006): He may not have initially wanted the gig, but Tim Allen makes for a fantastic Santa. The obvious love he feels for his son and his ability to adapt to any situation complement his developing figure and white beard. It's not a look everyone can pull off, but Allen can. The crazy high jinx won't be the only thing you can't take your eyes off of!


4. Steve Guttenberg, "Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus," "Meet the Santas" (2004, 2005): Why couldn't this Santa pick one of us to become the next Mrs. Claus? Steve Guttenberg's big eyes and bigger smile had us before he could so much as say "Ho ho ho." Besides, there is nothing sexier than a man who can communicate, knows what he wants, goes out of his way to make wishes come true (especially if they're your own).


3. Alec Baldwin (voice), "Rise of the Guardians" (2012): Alec Baldwin provides the sultry, accented voice to this sexy Santa. You get to see him in action as a leader and a protector, two roles that couldn't be hotter—that's saying something, since the man is from the frigid North Pole! Just imagine Baldwin calling the shots, and you'll be happy to let this guardian take care of you any day of the week.


2. Kevin James, "Elmo's Christmas Countdown" (2007): With charming looks, a great sense of humor and a little bit of a wild streak (How many times has St. Nick gotten a speeding ticket?), Kevin James makes the ultimate Santa. He helps the Muppets get Christmas back, winning them and you over in one swift move. You wouldn't be able to turn down an invitation for a ride on this stud's sleigh.


1. Steve Bacic, "Deck the Halls" (2005): With a mind for marketing, a desire to make dreams come true and a body that reflects no Christmas cookie binges, Steve Bacic is the sexiest of Santas. Even on the coldest winter nights, you'll find his ability to help people while looking smoking hot is enough to keep you warm. He'll be there for you whether you've been naughty or nice.