Scary St. Nick! 8 Kids' Priceless Reactions To Santa

scary santa

Big kids know that Santa's a good guy — he spreads cheer, brings presents, and loves milk and cookies. But the bearded man dressed in red and white starts out a stranger.

No wonder some little boys and girls are nervous, if not downright frightened, the first time they meet Santa Claus. Ho-ho-hold on a minute. Who is this guy?

1. Brave little girl refuses to smile for the camera.

2. Baby boy cackles at Santa.

3. Little girl wants nothing to do with Santa... or candy canes.

4. Brothers agree: This Santa guy's creepy.

5. Scared baby girl makes friends with Santa.

6. Baby boy tries to figure out if Santa's beard is real.

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7. Someone's fur baby, a toy poodle, attacks Santa with kisses.

8. Baby girl strikes a hysterical pose.