2 Sly Ways To Get It On Outdoors WITHOUT Getting Caught

Add an exciting thrill to your love life ... no whips or chains required.

A Guide To Amazing Outdoor Sex (Pst, Without Getting Caught) WeHeartIt

I'm not ashamed to say it — my husband and I sometimes have sex outdoors.

And let me tell you, having sex outdoors has distinct advantages.

If you're looking for a way to "mix it up" sexually, taking your bedroom activities outside (even if it's just in the local park) offers a fun thrill, without needing to go to sexual extremes.  

It seems like everywhere we turn lately someone's talking about BDSM and "kinking up" your love life. But extreme sexual exploration isn't for everyone.


Having sex outside is a thrill that's not SO far outside your comfort zone. You're doing the same things the two of you do in bed — only in the woods, or ... in a tent, or ... in a park. (Well, you get the picture.) Basically, it's like being a teenager again, when you had to sneak away from home to make out with your boyfriend. It adds that playful spark back into your relationship.

And if your outdoor romps truly take you out into nature, making love next to a waterfall, in a field of wildflowers, or in view of a mountain peak is the epitome of romance.

But, hey, I get it  in a world where everybody's embarrassment ends up on YouTube, I understand if having sex outside makes you nervous. The last thing you need is an iPhone armed teenager filming you without knowing it (until a friend sends you a link to the online footage). Yikes!


So, here is my expert advice on how to have fun, satisfying, adventurous sex outside ... without getting caught: 

1. Start off with a little subtle action

Having sex outdoors is a fun and playful way to help your partner expand their sexual repertoire, but don't rush them. To help your partner get used to the idea of having sex away from the bedroom, start by getting a little handsy with each other under a blanket in a dark corner of a pretty (and safe) park or a deserted beach. Experimenting with sex outdoors doesn't have to instantly leap to intercourse. Let your hands explore first for a more subtle way to begin. No matter how frisky you do or don't get — if the moon is going to rise, make sure you're well hidden behind bushes.

Another smart bet is to start by making love in a tent, but it's super important that you choose the right campsite. When my husband and I did research for our book Eastern Sierra And Death Valley Camping With Privacy, we looked at 3,416 campsites. We found that campsites next to waterfalls or streams are best for couples who desire a romantic rendezvous in their tents. The sound of the water drowns out any "call of the wild" sounds you two make.

You can get things started at night by the campfire before crawling into the tent. Do keep in mind, that unless you're camping in a spot that's completely hidden from the road and your neighbors, stripping off your clothes probably isn't a good idea. Instead, throw a blanket over each other and make out by the firelight before making love in the tent.  


Once inside your tent — turn off the light before the fun begins! Otherwise, people strolling or driving by your campsite might witness some interesting shadow dance activities.

Also note: Campground sounds without a doubt carry. Even vibrators can sound really loud, so you might need to leave certain toys at home.

Another option is to sneak away from other campers. Find a trail that departs from the campground, wear a headlamp, and hike away from camp. The two of you can then get it on under the stars. Although even in the dark, it's still a good idea to find a secret spot off trail. Some trails are heavily used by backpackers at night.

2. Create a secret hideaway 


You don't have to take your amorous outdoor activities outside the tent. In fact, that's where my husband and I feel the most comfortable having sex when we're outdoors. The two times we tried to make love in the woods we never completely relaxed — out of the sheer fear of becoming the aforementioned latest YouTube accidental porn stars.

However, in reality there are ways to reduce your risk of discovery. If this appeals to you, get as far off the hiking trail or into the woods as possible (but take note of landmarks so you don't get lost!). Find a place behind a big boulder or giant fallen tree. If the trail heads uphill not far from where you left it, make certain that no one can see you from above.

Truthfully, it's a good idea to have a map. That way you'll know if there are any other trails or roads nearby.

If you're on a beach, no matter how deserted, hide behind rocks or bushes so that if any boats sail on past, they won't get an eye full. Make sure there are no nearby houses or cabins hidden in the trees.


During fall foliage season, getting naked under a grove of trees ripe with fall colors is NOT the most spectacular idea. Even if you think you're far away from a road or trail, photographers flock to colorful groves of trees. And, they're willing to walk long distances to get that perfect photo.

It's also a good idea to avoid really popular hiking trails. Ask around to see which hikes attract the fewest people. Avoid national parks, where most trails draw a lot of visitors.

Another suggestion? Plan your off-trail rendezvous in the evening when you're returning from a hike. By 5:30 p.m. the number of people hiking most trails dwindles, reducing your chance of a close encounter with other hikers.


As long as you take steps to keep your outdoor encounter discrete (and honor each other's comfort zones regarding how much risk you take), having sex in nature can give your love life an exciting breath of fresh air.

To discover some of the most romantic, private and best suited for making love campsites in California, read Eastern Sierra And Death Valley Camping With Privacy by authors Kimberly and Patrick Wilkes. Kimberly and Patrick also write about hikes away from the crowds on their website.  

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