3 Personality Traits The Most Irresistible Women All Have In Common

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So much of our insecurities come from the way we look on the outside.

We believe that in order to attract, capture, and keep a rich, successful, smart, kind, funny and/or handsome man we have to look like supermodels.

The truth is, women tend to scrutinize our looks (and each other’s) more than men ever do.

For instance, I like my eyes, but wish I had a smaller waist.

For men, once you pass a threshold whereby they find you physically attractive, that is all that matters.

The rest is chemistry and compatibility.

Quality men don’t sit around quantifying whether you are a 7, 8, 8.5, 9 or 10.

If he finds you attractive — that is it.

The rest is up to the intangibles, which are a combination of personality, background, life goals, and attitude.

Of the 4 parts that make up the intangibles, 3 are personal preferences.

Whether yours match up with his is completely up to fate.

However, there is 1 intangible that will separate you from the herd and make any man find you irresistible – ATTITUDE.

And THAT is what I’m here to help you with.

Here are the three main aspects of attitude that men find most attractive, and how to get them:

1. You take ownership of your life and emotional disposition.

Women wield a lot more power over men than many realize.

Men are very sensitive to a women’s emotional disposition. They may not say anything or be able to articulate that is the reason why they find one girl attractive versus not…but a man feels what you feel.

So if you are uptight, pessimistic or fearful, he will feel that and react either by trying to make you feel better, or more often by running away because he doesn’t like feeling that way.

Have you ever had a guy tell you that a woman you both know hates men?

And you feel dumbfounded, because that girl seems perfectly sweet to you?

Guess what, it wasn’t anything the girl said or did.

It was that the guy had sensed that woman’s emotional disposition towards men.

Or have you had a guy tell you another girl was “cool”?  

This “cool” girl may not seem like the most physically attractive girl to you, but somehow every guy she meets finds her attractive.

That is because guys are drawn to her emotional disposition.

So, what does this mean for you?

Your outlook on life, emotional state, and views on men matter.

Leave all the previous failed relationships and bad dates at home when you go out on a date. Embrace life and the opportunities it gives you now. 

The deeper reason this means so much to him?

You taking ownership over your own disposition means that he can open up and trust you to be the safe harbor for his emotions.

He perceives you to have your act together, and that you are on his side.

This is incredibly important for men, because they don’t often get to reveal their true selves with people.

2. You know how to have fun and let loose.

The majority of highly eligible men have stressful jobs and a lot demanded from them.

They didn’t become successful and highly sought-after by being lazy, after all.

Thus, in their downtime, they want to be able to unwind, relax, and have fun.

It takes effort even for the most charismatic outgoing man to be entertaining, let along the more introverted man.

The world demands him to be a certain way in order to bestow the kind of respect highly eligible men wants. Every day is a competition with other men for respect and status.  

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When dating a woman, he is also working hard to think of ways to entertain you, so that you find him attractive and worthy of you.

It is exhausting! I’m tired even just writing about this.

By making it easy to have fun and let loose, you alleviate that burden from him, making you that much more attractive to him.

Imagine these two different experiences from his perspective:

A) You have to work hard to figure out how to make this girl laugh and enjoy herself.

Maybe it is going to a fancy Italian restaurant, maybe it is to a jazz bar, maybe it is a walk in the park, or maybe it is to go camping.

Maybe she will laugh if you say this…Maybe she will think you are cool if you tell her you did XYZ.

If she doesn’t laugh or seem to enjoy herself at your first attempt to do something, you have to try something else.

Whew….a lot of work! May be ok for a little bit to get the girl but to have to do that for a lifetime…


B) A girl tells you what she likes to do. You make plans for the two of you to do it.

She is having a lot of fun and engaging with you. It doesn’t matter what the two of you are doing, she seems to be having fun and relaxed.

Being with her feels easy. You begin to relax yourself and have fun.


The deeper reason this means so much to him?

He not only feels successful in being able to make you happy, but can also relax and have fun with you.

Life is better with you. You offer him an escape from the demands of everyday life.

3) He can easily WIN with you.

Men are wired to be hunters and providers. This does not mean that he literally needs to go out there to hunt, or even to bring in the money for you.

However, what this means is that he is wired to want to WIN. Winning makes him feel successful.  

To be able to win something implies that there is a game.

I will break it out to 2 things: Action and reward.

Action can be any act done that includes physical, spoken, or unspoken.

Physical acts include opening the door and making a restaurant reservation.

Spoken acts can be saying you look gorgeous or giving you quality advice.

Unspoken acts include remembering your birthday or giving you some space to go out with your girlfriends.

The reward he is looking for is acknowledgment of success.

It can be anything from a smile to a verbal thank you to a hug and kiss.

The deeper reason this means so much to him? 

He feels like a MAN. Successful, a hero, a knight that won the princess, a provider.

Men are often not given a lot of emotional validation by society, but he deserves some too, right?

To master these 3 irresistible attitudes takes practice.

Start slowly and see how men react to you. You will know you have mastered the three attitudes when you notice how many men are proactively being helpful to you.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so start slowly and form a support group to encourage you.

Your perfect husband is around the corner. You can do it!  

Jasmine Von Hatch is a dating and relationship coach.

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