7 Tell-Tale Signs He's Deeply In Love With You

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signs a man deeply in love with you

Does he love you? He is blowing hot and cold and sending mixed signals... Is he in love?

Men can be quite confusing for women who are not aware of their nature and psychology.

We women tend to decode their behavior based on how we think and interpret things, but men think differently and exhibit different signs of love. Unless you understand and accept this fact, you will be constantly flooded with expectations that can surely lead to heartbreak.

Him being a sweet, caring, and a perfect gentleman when you are together should not dazzle you at all. It is a man’s instinct to be kind, caring, and protective around women — whether he's in love with you... or not.

And here is another caveat when asking yourself, "Does he love me?": Guys can really be doting when they want ;to be intimate.

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Think of it this way: Males, in any other species on the planet, exhibit different styles of courtship to lure their female counterpart into mating. For example, birds use their flamboyant and elaborate displays of prominent feathers, or frogs use vertebrate vocalization prior to mating.

In just the same way, men use their sweet and loving words to keep you close. Knowing this, you can understand why a sexual encounter with him should not be a sign that he's falling in love with you.

His casual display of affection does not validate any deeper feelings in him, unless you also see the following signs of love.

Understanding what signs of love to look for can help you where you truly stand in your relationship and determine whether he's in love with you or not.

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So if you're wondering whether he's in love with you, here are the 7 signs of love to look for:

1. He is consistent.

A man who is seriously interested to be in your life will make it sure that he is in constant communication with you. He will text and call no matter how busy he gets.

Moreover, he will plan to see you every possible chance. You won't ever have to wonder why he isn't calling, texting or why he's not taking you out on a date.

He invests his time, money, and affection without fail because it is his deep yearning to always be in the presence of the woman he cherishes and loves.

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2. He impresses you.

Chivalry is not dead for a man in love! For you to smile with or without him will be his utmost priority, and he will do whatever it takes to win your admiration.

He takes you out to very special places for dinner dates, sends you gifts, roses, surprises, or anything he knows pleases you and makes you gush with delight.

3. He is vulnerable with you.

When you see the kid in him, it means you've got him. He communicates his deepest emotions with you, his playful side, and yes, even his flaws. Men are afraid to be vulnerable because it can be incredibly painful for them to be seen as "weak."

However, he's ready to let his guard down for the woman he loves because he craves her acceptance. When a man becomes vulnerable, it is usually a sign that you are welcome in his life and that he wants to connect with you on a deeper level. 

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4. He is interested in every detail of your life.

A man in love will be very attentive when it comes to the details of you and your life. He will take note of all stories you ever shared to him.

He will have a good recall of things you say, like your favorite color, favorite place, music, and even your favorite perfume. What's more, he never gets tired of unraveling your mystery and is always willing to discover you more as time goes by.

5. He introduces you to everyone he cares about.

A man in love is always proud of his woman!

When you are already inside the center of his heart, he will definitely be happy to flaunt you around his friends or family—even if he knows they won't necessarily approve of you.

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6. He believes in you.

He is absolutely in love when he starts to listen to your opinions and views about life. He will start to admire your choice of food, movies, and activities.

In short, he will be willing to join your world. He might want to come with you whenever you go to play your favorite sports or wants to cook together. He is in love with your wold and is constantly wanting to be present in it.

7. He wants to meet the people you love.

He begins to love the people you love as well. Not only that, he also tries to impress them as much as he does for you.

From your friends to your parents, he will make sure to meet them all because he wants your friends to know that he cares enough about you to be involved with the people and things that matter to you.

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If you are not seeing the signs mentioned above, chances are, he is not yet there.

But don’t despair! a man who is not into you at the moment does not mean he won't be, ever. For a man, falling in love is a process.

However, for an emotionally healthy and secure woman, waiting is not an option. She opens the door wide open in search for the man who will be ready to profess his love and devotion, both in words and actions.

So open that door, and find a man who exhibits the seven signs above. That's how you'll know, with certainty, that he's the one.

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Gem Villamin is a love and life coach, and feminine energy healer who teaches women how to become a high-value dream girl through counter-intuitive methods.