Beliefs And How It Can Lead To Happiness

So much said about beliefs, but not so much about what to do with them.


So that ugly monster BELIEFS, and working with them regarding law of attraction.

I bet you have read a lot about them, right ?

The thing with beliefs is that they are created as a big monster that to get rid of, you need several tools like brain waves, subliminal technologies, and even mantras.

The truth is, to let go of a belief, you are the one to decide to let it go to lead to happiness.

Yep, just like that, of course there are beliefs that you hold on to more than others, and with these we take our time "welcoming" our holding.


Allowing ourselves to hold on them as much as we want when we take our time, and find it really easy to let them go now. Okay, Faisal what is the difference? I have been feeling them and holding on to them for years and maybe decades, but NO, you either were resisting them for decades, or adopting them as YOU..and they are both a PROBLEM apart of the GLUE that keeping this belief in you. Rather than the feelings of it.

Is your want to defend it or justify it because you are seeing it to be very true, and not just a belief. So for example: you might believe that good people always get taken advantage of, so you believe so because this is life, right? nope, wrong again. The thing is, this is life, because YOU believe so.


Again, in a certain time of your life, maybe years ago, you started with a really small feeling relating to this belief - good people get taken advantage on this example. You began to look for that, just a really small feeling, maybe a word from your mother, an experience your best friend had, a very small thing started this out for you, so you started to BELIEVE in it. Hence, formed this beliefs about life, BUT if you weren't to believe so, you weren't to attract your life the way it folded after that incident.

Yeah, this is the whole thing, what you truly believe is what happens in your life, and our collective beliefs as humans is what we produce in life.

So next time we will talk about how to pinpoint these beliefs in a razor sharp way, and getting ready to release them once and for all.