Years in Practice

6-10 years


Mansura DHY 35798 - Egypt



Additional Expertise

Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Spiritual Healer



I Believe

My name is Faisal Abdelwahed, specializing in this area - law of attraction and healing work - has a very interesting story with me, actually I wasn't believing in such stuff before untill, I was drawn to it, now I am a well known mentor/coach in my Arab region, specially online, transformed hundreds of thousands of lives through both my paid and free work, on my website, youtube channel and facebook page.



About Faisal Abdelwahed

Ok, my bio, the thing is before I even start in this field - law of attraction - I didn't even believe there's something called subconscious mind !


The story can take literally days to tell, so long story short, when I first heard about law of attraction, and how people talking about it saying it takes meditations, affirmations, visualization tranings and techniques to attract what you want I said no, I am too lazy for that !


And from LAZINESS I emerged ! I found out that there's one little secret, that if you knew it and did it you can attract what you want, without even thinking about it !!


the secret is, RELEASING !!


I tried releasing with myself and got ASTOUNDING results that I forgot my main goal and insisted on knowing more, and I knew more, and I taught to a lot of people in my Arab region, who are doing my style of releasing and really successful now.

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