Good News, Food Lovers! Healthy Eats Bring You Happiness

Find a personal eating plan (P.E.P.) that works for you!


Food First

"Peeling parsnips,
Cutting carrots,
Braiding bread.
Oh, the feel of food!

Stirring soup,
Sautéeing spices,
Simmering sauces.
Ah, the smell of food!

Chewing celery,
Sipping smoothies,
Biting broccoli.
Yum, the taste of food!"

We're stuck on food. For some, the love of food has turned to hate and even fear. "Once in my mouth, it all travels South" can be a nagging motto in the back of the mind every time we eat, removing the joy and happiness a good meal can bring. So, we jog, swim, and do push-ups and aerobics to mold our bodies into the shape that the media says will bring us happiness and love.


What is this love/hate/fear relationship we have with food? Perhaps we need to look at food differently, not as our enemy, but as our friend to help us stay whole and healthy. Education is the key and that's where my research, writing and experience come into play.

My theory is that we are unhealthy and overweight because highly processed foods have so many nutrients removed that we need to eat more to absorb what we need to stay energized. The stripping of nutrients plus the addition of unhealthy fats and too much sugar can wreak havoc with our bodies and our emotions.

Many people join a health club so they can exercise and stay trim. But how many people fall into the trap of eating unhealthy foods and then exercise like crazy to shed the extra weight—a constant cycle that may not be helpful. Wouldn't a better plan be to eat fresh foods to stay healthy and use the exercise as a way to stay fit, instead of using exercise to counter binges and bad food choices? (According to Harvard trained and holistic practitioner Dr. Sara Gottfried, 80% of your weight is determined by diet and 20% by exercise.)


When I changed to a meatless diet more than 30 years ago, I experimented with every kind of diet: macrobiotic, food combining, vegan, South Beach, etc. No matter which food plan I investigated, I always came back to fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, beans and whole grains, seeds, sprouts and seaweed. (Non-vegetarians can add lean animal protein like chicken.)

A day without some kind of salad feels like I have neglected my body. Coupled with that is my desire to prepare wholesome food that also looks tempting (since we eat with our eyes first) and tastes as good as it looks. 

On my website, I have a category entitled "Kitchen Nutrition" with recipes. I always take a photo of the dish to show the reader how appetizing it is. Fresh food that is minimally processed will help give you energy, clear skin and a happy disposition.

Food need not be a four-letter word that means love, hate, fear, or diet. Make food a word that means good, safe, full, and fine. Put the joy back in food and put real food back into your food. Make food your friend, and it will return the favor in the form of more energy and improved health.


As your cooking coach, my P.E.P. (Personal Eating Plan) will be geared to your needs and your likes, so you will enjoy The Good Taste of Health every day!