About Ellen Sue Spicer-Jacobson

I am a true “foodie.” I love to cook; I love to shop for food. And I even love to clean out the refrigerator. Since I believe that the food you put in your mouth every day is vital to your wellbeing, my focus on food is relentless.

When I changed to a meatless diet in the late 1970s, I realized I had to learn more about meatless nutrition in order to keep my family and myself healthy. Changing  my diet was the “trigger “that put me on a lifelong path of eating well, which eventually led to regular exercise and  to return to college for a degree in nutrition education. The official title of my degree is Educating for Nutritional Wellness, and since I was already an educator, this second degree seems quite fitting for me. I love to teach and now I love to help others experience The Good Taste of Health, my motto.

My approach is that of a Kitchen Nutrition Coach with no complicated formulas or technical information, but basic, practical guidelines based on my own research gleaned from books, articles, and personal experiences. My cookbooks reflect easy-to-make recipes and my website, www.menupause.info, includes nutritional information, reviews of (cook)books, and other information to help you create a healthy lifestyle.

According to Dr. Sara Gottfried, author of The Hormone Cure and practicing in San Francisco, 80% of our body’s health depends on diet, while 20% depends on exercise. While you & I may disagree on the exact percentage, clearly what you eat every day is crucial to your health. Exercise and a positive attitude are also part of the equation.
I hope you will join me on your journey to The Good Taste of Health. It will be a delicious ride!

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