How Nurturing Your Sacral Chakra Can Teach You To Love Yourself Better

Your sacral chakra and self-love.

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Are you aware of the magical world of your sacral chakra and its deep connection to self-love? 

"Chakras", Sanskrit for "wheel", are energy centers located at vital points along your spine. They distribute the flow of life force throughout your body.

You have seven primary chakras — from the root (base of your spine) up to the crown chakra (top of your head). Each chakra carries a specific set of information and capabilities that are essential to your development as a human being.


Your sacral chakra (your second chakra) is all about the flow and movement of emotion and empathy, sensuality and pleasure, sexuality and creativity.

To love yourself is to permit yourself to enjoy the physicality of your life. Sacral chakra healing can be instrumental to this.

Express your creativity through dance, music, and other expressive arts. Honor the flow of your emotions. They give you vital information for authentic living.

So, enjoy your sensuality and sexuality. Make pleasure a priority in your life.

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What are some specifics of your sacral chakra?

Your sacral chakra sits two inches below your belly button, nestled next to your spine. It governs your low abdomen, genitals, low back, and hips.

It's associated with the sense of taste, the color orange, and the element of water.

Its name in Sanskrit is "Svadhisthana", meaning sweetness. And truly, when this chakra is functioning well, you enjoy the sweetness of life through emotional health, physical pleasure, and creativity.

What wisdom does your sacral chakra give you?

Your sacral chakra has everything to do with the wisdom of pleasure. It’s all about the joy of having a physical body that allows you to experience the world through your senses and emotions.


Pleasure is your birthright. And, as you adventure through life, the question your sacral chakra asks you to explore is: are you willing to claim your right to feel and have pleasure?

In a culture that values hard work, pleasure is often dismissed as unimportant, distracting, or even mistrusted, which is unfortunate because healthy pleasure is an essential motivating force for human development.

It moves you to explore the world, engage with it, and grow. And, the more you allow yourself to experience pleasure, the greater vitality and aliveness you enjoy.

Pleasure opens the door to following your passion and loving yourself.

Your sacral chakra begins to awaken from age six months to two years. At this stage, you use your senses to explore and try to "make sense" of the world around you. You do this by touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, moving, and hearing.


Think of a one-year-old playing with wooden blocks. One by one, she turns them around in her hands, feeling them carefully. Then, she brings them to her mouth to further explore their texture and shape.

With her tongue and fingers, she investigates the flat sides and sharper corners. She uses all of her senses — vision, smell, touch, hearing, and taste — to discover more about these blocks.

At the same time, she begins to differentiate between pleasure and pain. The child discovers, through her body and senses, what feels good and what doesn’t.

Maybe she notices that the blocks don’t seem to smell or taste like anything special.

But, what happens when she puts something bitter in her mouth, like a dandelion leaf? And what happens when she puts something sweet in her mouth, like a blueberry?


As she differentiates between what feels pleasing to her and what doesn’t, she sets herself in motion. She moves towards what feels good and away from what doesn’t.

Here, we have the innate wisdom of the sacral chakra expressing itself through the body.

This movement sets the stage for pursuing pleasure as an act of self-love. Your early instincts to move towards what feels good suggest that self-love is innate.

In other words, you're wired to experience pleasure and to love yourself.

Perhaps your early instincts were interrupted by conditioning or control. That’s not uncommon. However, when you choose to embrace authentic pleasure, you follow your passion and liberate the power of self-love in your life.


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The connection between your emotions and loving yourself.

Your sacral chakra is also your emotional center. With healthy, self-loving emotional flow, you neither drown in your emotions nor do you dam them up.

You let them move through you, like currents in a river, while receiving the essential messages they carry.

Indeed, your different emotions — angry, sad, happy, or fearful — give you information about whether something feels right or wrong, good or bad, pleasurable or painful.

Chances are, you welcome and enjoy the flow of "positive" emotions as a signal of being in alignment with your authentic self.


Meanwhile, challenging emotions such as anger and fear "move" you. They catalyze a journey of self-exploration and transformation. They propel you to unearth the root of your emotional pain so that you can heal it and transform it.

As you do, you liberate your life-force energy. You free yourself to live a deeply authentic life, inviting more pleasure, creativity, and vitality into your experience. This is the embodiment of self-love.

Here are 6 sacral chakra healing affirmations that help expand self-love in your life:

"Pleasure is my birthright."

"I receive information from my feelings."

"I move easily and effortlessly."

"My sexuality is sacred."


"Creativity runs through me effortlessly."

"Life is pleasurable."

These empowering mantras have profound effects on the conscious and unconscious mind. They help you embody the wisdom of your sacral chakra.


To work with these affirmations, choose one that you want to explore first.

Practice speaking the affirmation out loud for several minutes a day. Perhaps, while you’re showering, walking the dog, or driving to work.

You could also write the affirmation in your journal and explore what it inspires in you through writing.

Infuse your life with the affirmation. Notice the shifts in your experience — subtle or dramatic — that relate to it. And, most of all, have fun. Make it pleasurable!

To love yourself, claim pleasure as your birthright. Welcome your emotions as messengers of vital information for healing and authentic living.

As you do, you create vitality and cultivate a zest for life. That is the essence of loving yourself through the power of your sacral chakra.


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Elizabeth Hunter Diamond is a psychic energy healer. She helps sensitive souls embrace their power to create lives of passion and purpose. Let her help you today. Contact her, or send her an email.