Why You NEED To Learn How To Unblock Your Chakras (Now!)

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How Unblocking Your Chakras Can Increase Your Happiness

Chakras are the different energy centers of spinning wheels throughout the body and aura. These energy points provide vital life force flow. 

Lack of joy can really affect not only one’s chakras, but one’s overall quality of life.

Joy and love are the highest vibratory emotions that one can have.

Blockages in one or more chakras usually means that there’s a lack of joy flowing.

Here is a look at how to unblock each of your chakras to reach your full happiness potential:

1. The root chakra is our connection to Earth.

The term “grounded” usually refers to one being fully present in their body. The more joy one has in their life, the more they will want to be in their body.

Associated Color: Bright Red.

Associated Joy Exercise: Try a Zumba or an African Drumming Dance class. Get those legs moving! Feel your feet hitting the pavement. Even try doing the mini trampoline while listening to upbeat music.

Associated Flower: You can gaze at a photo of or purchase the Mandevilla. The Mandevilla helps one to feel comfortable in their own skin and encourages one to feel empowered. Archangel Michael, the protector angel, works through this healing flower.

Associated Crystal: Garnet can be used to help one manifest Earthly needs. Garnet can also help to heal any blood disorders. Clear your crystals before you use them! Hold Garnet in your left hand, which is the receptive/feminine side of the body, and repeat, “I am safe, secure, provided for, and whole in all ways right now. Mother Earth supports me.” Imagine all darkness and fear being lifted from your Root Chakra and aura.

2. The sacral chakra is associated with desires, creativity, money, power, and sex.

This chakra is all about pleasure seeking, which is why when unbalanced it can lead to addictions.

Associated Color: Bright Orange.

Associated Joy Exercise: Listen to peaceful music and heal by using watercolors. Let your paintbrush go. This creation can be just for you. Draw. Create art. Sacred Sex with the right partner — or even by yourself — can get this chakra spinning at the right speed. Read The Spiritual Girl’s Guide To Dating: Your Enlightened Path to Love Sex and Soulmates to learn about the energy exchange that occurs when you flirt and date. 

Associated Flower: Look at a picture of or purchase the White Magnolia. The White Magnolia removes energetic toxins, pollutants, electromagnetic radiation, and releases addictions. Archangel Metatron, the angel of highly sensitive people, works with this flower. 

Associated Crystal: Amber is good for releasing any negativity. Hold Amber in either hand and repeat, “I am balanced in all ways right now.”

3. The Solar Plexus governs your self confidence, will power, personal power, and assertiveness.

The way that you feel about yourself influences every aspect of your life. You are Divine.

Associated Color: Bright Yellow.

Associated Joy Exercise: Get a group of friends together to do a kickboxing class. Lovingly look into a mirror and tell yourself kind things. Remember to smile!

Associated Flower: Work with a photo of the Marigold to help break big tasks into smaller pieces. This flower also helps to overcome obstacles. Archangel Michael, the angel that oversees one’s life purpose, provides healing through this flower. 

Associated Crystal: Citrine is a stone used to balance this chakra. Hold the Citrine in either hand and repeat, “It is safe to be empowered. I am Divine, and I am powerful in all ways right now.”

4. The heart chakra is where we give and receive Unconditional Love.

Think with your heart and not with your head. The thymus, immune gland, is located in this chakra. When joy is highly present in this chakra, there’s no vibratory match even for the common cold to occur.

Associated Color: Bright Green.

Associated Joy Exercise: Do heart opening yoga positions. Remember to focus on your heart and not your head. Focus on how you want to feel in every area of life. Read Joyful Living: 101 Way to Transform Your Spirit and Revitalize Your Life to learn 101 ways to open your heart to more joy. 

Associated Flower: Romance yourself with some Red Roses. The Red Rose helps to bring in both self love and romantic love. This flower works with Archangel Jophiel, the angel of beauty and joy.

Associated Crystal: Emerald is also the color of this chakra. In your left hand, hold onto the Emerald and repeat, “I am healthy and Loved Unconditionally in all ways right now.”

5. The throat chakra empowers you to speak your truth.

Most likely, if you have been stuffing down your thoughts and feelings then this chakra might be blocked. 

Associated Color: Bright Blue.

Associated Joy Exercise: Journal. In your journal, communicate with God and the angels what’s really coming up for you. Grab some friends and go out for some Karaoke!

Associated Flower: The Daffodil helps to open up communication channels. Archangel Gabriel, the messenger angel, assists with this flower. To learn about what edible flowers will enhance each specific chakra take a look at my upcoming book, The Chakras and Crystals Cookbook: Juices, Sorbets, Smoothies, Salads, and Soups to Empower Your Energy Centers, when it is released on December 1, 2016.

Associated Crystal: Angelite can be used to really open telepathy and help on to get in touch with their thoughts and feelings. “It is safe for me to speak my truth. I communicate with Love in all ways right now.”

6. The third eye energy point is where one can develop their clairvoyance and see beyond the 3D Earth plane.

Associated Color: Indigo.

Associated Joy Exercise. Wear an organic, eco-friendly indigo eye shadow and/or liner to jazz up your eyes. 

Associated Flower: The African Violet is a flower of protection and inner peace. Archangel Chamuel, the angel of peace, works through this flower.

Associated Crystal: Amethyst is often associated with enhancing clairvoyance and providing psychic protected. Place the Amethyst on the space between the space of your two eyes and repeat, “I am protected. It is safe for me to see the truth in all ways right now. ”

7. The crown chakra is where we feel our connection to Divine.

This is where we can access enlightenment.

Associated Color: Bright White or Purple.

Associated Joy Exercise: Take a blanket and sit outside under the moon and stars. Just admire how vast and expansive The Universe is

Associated Flower: The White Rose is a powerful flower that helps to clear one’s aura of lower vibe fear energy. Archangel Uriel, the idea angel, can help one be a Divine channel with this flower.

Associated Crystal: Clear Quartz is great for magnifying and manifesting one’s intentions. Sit with a Clear Quartz point and repeat, “I am my higher self in all ways right now.”    

Watch the video below for more on loving your body, overcoming fear, and finding your happy.

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