Confession: Men Who Do THIS ONE THING Turn Me On In A Big Way

Photo: WeHeartIt

Put on an apron and you'll drive me wild.

I never thought I'd say this but the man who wields the dish cloth, the vacuum cleaner and magically makes the garbage disappear uncomplainingly has built-in irresistibility.

Really. The vital word here is "uncomplainingly." Doing your "fair share" of the chores but doing it under sufferance, won't garner you very much appreciation in the bedroom at all.

But I didn't always think this way about loving relationships. In my 20s and 30s, I duly read magazine articles about how to have the steamiest, hottest sex—you know those.

Strange to say, they were all about fantasies, athleticism and just being super-cool in the bedroom—or just about anywhere. Everything was terribly goal-oriented: it was all about the mechanics of hot sex.

I read nothing in those articles about rubber gloves, vacuum cleaners or garbage disposal. Bringing the paraphernalia of housecleaning into that context would be more alarming than anything else.

A long-term relationship goes beyond just pure physical attraction.

But the fact is, a long-term relationship has a different dynamic than a short-term relationship. Lust kindles the fire of love, but lust alone won't keep that fire burning bright.

At some point, you stop seeing yourself and your partner simply as agents and recipients of sexual pleasure. Instead you start to look at them and hope they'll look at you, as whole people—people with a life and feelings outside the sexual arena.

Because as sublime as sex may be, it's only a part of your life. 

What does it really mean if your partner thinks sharing the housework is unimportant?

Unless you're super-wealthy, chances are there'll be a fair amount of mundane stuff in your life, both as an individual and as a couple. How you approach the mundane stuff; the cooking, cleaning, and shopping can seriously affect the longevity and quality of your relationship.

Why is that so? Because of the message it sends.

When one partner (often, but not always the man) says they're too busy to share the household chores, it's clear they consider them unimportant. They'd rather leave the chores to the person whose time is less valuable.

In a society where life is more pressured than ever before, the person whose time is less valuable is, by definition, less valuable.

When a partner declines to make that sacrifice, the message is clear: "I may say that you're my equal, but everything is relative and, relatively speaking, I'd prefer for you, rather than me, to be deprived of that time. My free-time is more precious than your free-time. My tiredness needs more consideration than your tiredness."

Paying someone to help with the chores is often treated as a solution. Actually, it's not. It's a strategy to reduce the amount of chores, and therefore the responsibility to do anything.

Helping around the home, willingly, is a clear sign of generosity and good-will towards your partner. That's why it's so important.

Having a long, happy relationship means lending a helping hand.

So, if you want your partner to show consistent generosity and good-will towards you, helping graciously with the household chores is a sure-fire way to achieve it.

Good-will and generosity will go a long way, making you look very, very lovable in their eyes.