7 Positive Affirmations That Will Fill Your Life With Happiness


 Your negative or positive feelings are a powerful clue!

"All is well and will remain wellwhen I believe it."

"All is well. It truly is—the key is to believe it is."

Even if everything in your life isn't completely the way you'd like it to be, it's still okay if you avoid getting emotionally tossed around by it. Let your happiness thrive!

If you worry or fret about something, remind yourself over and over, "All is well and will remain well. All is well and will remain well."

When you stay focused on "All is well and will remain well," you will notice that you are feeling better about it. Your better feeling is a sign that you are attracting something better than you were when you didn't feel great.

Your negative or positive feelings are a powerful clue! Pay attention to them!

Many people have an erroneous idea about optimism; they think it means refusing to face reality. My definition of optimism is different: courageously considering all possible realities and choosing the one that thrills me.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can be achieve."Napoleon Hill

"If you believe strongly enough and have no doubt in your mind, you can accomplish anything you want."Napoleon Hill

As Napoleon Hill aptly stated pessimism and optimism are EXPECTATIONS. And the universe absolutely responds to you according to your expectations. If you expect things to go wrong, they will. If you expect them to go in your favor, they will.

That doesn't mean everything will work out exactly like you plan, but a positive, optimistic attitude keeps the door open for better things to transpire, even if you encounter an obstacle or two along the way.

No doubt you can recall times when a situation looked really bad but you didn't let it get you down, and before you knew it solutions popped up. It transpires that way when you're OPEN to those solutions with a positive, expectant, detached, optimistic mindset.

To build your optimism, say these or similar positive statements regularly:

  1. This will all work out fine.
  2. The solution(s) I seek are on their way.
  3. It's all good.
  4. This bump in the road shall pass quickly.
  5. I trust everything I need will be given to me.
  6. The money I need will come with perfect timing.
  7. I'm choosing to remain open to opportunity today.

When you believe the truth of these statements, you will notice how everything seems to constantly shift and rearrange itself so that you end up with outcomes that thrill you.