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Your Holistic Health Care Transformation Starts Now!
Together We Establish A New Paradigm For Life And Living!

We don’t do the same old, same old here – all services are specialized for each person’s issues and needs–experience the difference!

Holistic Health Care is a wellness protocol that addresses the Mind, Body and Spirit (a.k.a. Emotional/Mental, Physical and Spiritual). Spirit or spiritual references the Universal Energy–All that Is. It is the essence of who you truly are–the core self.

Along with the lifestyle changes you are guided through; hypnosis reprograms your brain to respond positively to life’s challenges. Your brain formed the habit of depression in the same way you form all your habits.  Coping in life with depression or anxiety becomes something that the brain gets used to in certain life situations. It becomes normal for you to reenact behavior patterns that are familiar and therefore, easy and comfortable.

About Dorothy M Neddermeyer, PhD

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD provides a highly effective protocol to discover the root cause of all issues and diagnosed symptoms. Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Transformation (EPST) is direct, focused and combines creating health while healing the past. It is precise, powerful, virtually painless and an accurate way of changing the landscape of your inner and outer mind, body and spirit. EPST allows you to access your past, present and future – as well as your subconscious, and clear negative energy on all levels – Mind, Body and Spirit  http://drdorothy.net

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