10 Sweet Signs That Prove Your Love Is Strong And Made To Last

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Without a doubt, every relationship is unique. Different sets of circumstances bring different couples together and in diverse ways. Likewise, the types of issues each couple deals with varies, as well.

However, regardless of who or where a couple met, or the issues they're dealing with, every person (and every couple) deserve to be happy. Therefore, it's no surprise that one partner might question the health of their relationship when problems arise.

When we feel satisfied, loved, calm, content, and happy, these are all signs of a healthy relationship. However, when fear, sadness, discouragement, anger, and hatred creep in, we start question the safety and health of that exact same love.

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To help you know whether or not your relationship is healthy and right for you, we've gathered a list of 10 tell-tale signs that your relationship is solid and strong! (Note: When these 10 things are lacking, it's smart to start considering the next course of action.)

1. You can do the things you love together, even when they're different.

There are those who claim that people who love each other MUST have similar tastes — in music, films, hobbies, etc. However, most successful couples thrive because of the mild differences that draw them to each other. A relationship is healthy when partners support each other even when they love different things.

2. You give each other space.

A healthy relationship does not mean doing everything together all the time. In fact, when this happens, it is an indication of an imbalance in the relationship.

Each partner should be allowed the space to pursue their own dreams and interests. The fulfillment that comes from such freedom makes a loving couple feel even closer. It also opens up other possibilities for growth in life.

3. You make decisions together.  

Decision-making is one of the key causes of breakups in a relationship. Even when one partner is conservative and permissive, one-sided decision making does not succeed.

Only when both partners are able to consult and evaluate issues together is the relationship truly healthy. This also means allowing compromises where one partner's wishes do not always win.

4. There is clear joy in the relationship.

It's interesting to me to see a couple fight and compete with each other, all the time while claiming that they love each other. While a relationship cannot be smiles all the time, an overall general lack of joy and happiness is a red flag.

Your relationship should have a baseline level of laughter and happiness. This keeps a couple going even when they're facing tough times in life.

5. You treat each other with kindness.

This means that each partner in the relationship shows genuine care, sympathy, consideration, and appreciation of his or her mate. A relationship where partners are constantly pulling each other down cannot rate as healthy.

Treating each other with hate and contempt (spoken and unspoken) can spell a bleak future for a dating or married couple. Showing mutual love and respect for each other is a sign of great value.

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6. The relationship is built on trust.

Having trust for each other means believing each other on all levels. Couples that lack trust have a tendency to hide things and keep secrets from each other.

The problem comes in when one partner discovers the unfaithfulness in their companion. Having trust means knowing that your secrets and those of your partner are safe in each other's knowledge.

7. You engage in productive "fights."

One thing that every couple must accept and live with is that they are both human. This mean that errors will occur and disagreements will always arise. This is when fights happen. How do you or your partner correct mistakes when they occur?

The answer to that question can tell you whether your relationship is healthy or not. Fights in relationships are not meant to end in victory. Instead, they should lead to finding common ground.

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8. You build each other up.

Couples who view the pursuits of each partner as meant for the good of both partners are definitely right and healthy. Partners in any relationship should work towards making their partners better people in life. This includes supporting each other in pursuing each partner's passion.

9. You have shared future goals.

While no two people can be exactly the same, relationships are built on the platform of shared goals and future aspirations. A couple cannot hope for future success when they disagree on the basics of their future together.

For example, couples should generally agree on where to live, where to work, how many children they should have, where to invest, and so on. It is such agreements that enable people to grow in a relationship.

10. There is mutual love and attraction.

When a relationship is built on something other than love, attraction and affection for each other, its future is at stake. Those are the most basic and natural things that bond people together in a relationship.

There are many other signs of a healthy relationship. However, these are the 10 key things to look for to determine if your relationship is solid and healthy. If these aspects are lacking, something need to be done to correct the situation soon.

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