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6 VERY Common Pregnancy Problems — And How To Solve Them

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common pregnancy problems

Pregnancy is a wonderful life experience, and women, although not always aware of it, are actually luckily to get to experience the chance to create a new life inside your body. So in actuality, creating the life of your child in your belly is one very big plus on the side of the whole experience.

However, pregnancy itself it does bring big challenges. Your body goes through many changes, some that seem a bit difficult to accept and others that you enjoy in. Think about it. Who doesn't like the excuse to eat whatever you want and have the chance to enjoy that wonderful pregnancy glow? 

But on the other hand, you have morning sickness, back pain and the inability to see your own feet as you enter in the ninth month! But you can easily forget all about it as soon as you think about your baby.

What you can do is to find out about all the changes that you need to expect and find the ways that will help you overcome these changes as soon as possible! 

What causes skin changes during pregnancy?

All of the changes that your body goes through during pregnancy happen because of one reason: hormone changes. So it is no different when we talk about skin changes and the fact that they happen because of the hormone changes in your body. 

Let’s face it, they can be annoying but you shouldn't let them steal all of your good moods, right? So let’s discuss the following 6 most common pregnancy skin issues along with healthy pregnancy tips and the best ways to solve them as soon as possible!

Here are the 6 most common pregnancy problems and how to solve them:

1. Acne breakouts

You might have forgotten about acne breakouts since high school, but now that your hormones are raging, you should expect them again. Revisit your old acne tricks that helped you through those difficult moments.

However, what you would want to do is avoid all skin care products that are filled with chemicals since chances are, they aren't safe for your baby. Instead, try some of the natural skin care products or try to make them yourself using all natural products! The most important thing is to keep your skin clean and make sure that you hydrate it regularly.

Drinking water will also help you reduce those acne breakouts.

2. Sensitivity to the sun

Unfortunately, during pregnancy, your skin is more sensitive to sun exposure than usual. This often results in the occurrence of dark patches or discoloration on your skin known as melasma.

So what you need to do to prevent these dark patches from appearing on your skin is to buy a big hat, some trendy sunglasses, and a bottle of your favorite sunscreen with SPF+30 that will become your new best friends over the next nine months. Also, avoid any unnecessary sun exposure as much as you can. 

3. Dry, itchy skin

Dry skin is a common skin issue that occurs through pregnancy. To prevent dryness from occurring or to treat your already dry skin, drink a lot of water. And we do mean a lot of it.

Another thing that you can do is getting a humidifier for your bedroom that will make sure that your skin is hydrated all through the night. You can also apply a quality skin moisturizer.

However, do not forget what we said before about avoiding all chemical-filled moisturizers as much as you can. Taking short showers instead of long baths will also help your skin to keep its moisture instead of getting more drier than before.

4. Stretch marks

This is probably the most hated skin issue among women. Stretch marks are described as red, pink, or white striations on your abdomen that appear as a result of your skin becoming more and more stretched out as your belly grows with each day. But, you can do something to prevent them from appearing!

Try massaging your skin with Vitamin E oil and olive oil. You can also try applying egg whites or lemon juice to your skin to help it grow strong and healthy and keep its ability to return to its normal state as before your pregnancy.

5. Skin rashes

Apart from that wonderful pregnancy glow, you may also experience skin rashes and blemishes appearing most commonly on your face. This occurs as a result of the increased blood volume and swelling of the skin on your face.

To cope with it, try applying some refreshing skin mask and try to do a better job at protecting your skin against sun exposure because this might as well be a result of some extra sun exposure.

6. Varicose veins

Appearing most commonly on your legs, varicose veins are twisted veins near the surface of your skin. To avoid these red or purple appearances on your skin, make sure that your weight is in the healthy ranges and do not put any excess weight on your legs.

Elevating your legs when you sit will also help you decrease the appearance of varicose veins successfully. 

Pregnancy is such a wonderful experience. Don't let the common skin issues and other negative changes to your body convince you otherwise. The fact is that your doctor can advise you how to cope with every single problem. And as you can see, there are many small yet very powerful things that can improve your skin condition and make you happy.

Do not hesitate to ask for help as soon as you notice any of the previously mentioned skin issues so that you can find the right treatment plan and follow it right away to get the best results!