3 Rules to Respect Your Love Relationship the Right Way


You need to wary if your relationship is already leading towards an unbearable and irreversible path

Being in a loving relationship does not only require physically being together and loving each other. To be honest, relationships need more work and attention than what people usually think.  And while it is an amazing feeling to be in one, you need to wary if your relationship is already leading towards an unbearable and irreversible path.

You’ve seen it all before. From movies, books, and even TV series, you’ve bear witness in ways on which relationships last and fail ending in doom. You’ve read lots of tips from magazines on what to do in certain specific situations to boost your love life. In fact, maybe you’re even sick of hearing advices on how to have better relationship. So to keep it short and simple, here are 3 sure fire rules that can help you in your love relationship.

Learn to Accept Things as They Are

Relationships always start in getting to know each other. And yes, even arranged marriages from the time of yore, while having no choice in their partners, always start with getting to know who their partners are. And this is the same even with the present relationships.

One thing you need to bear in mind is that if you enter the relationship without fully accepting the other person, then it wouldn’t work. Do not enter a relationship in hopes that you can change your partner. And even while in the relationship, stop waiting for the change to occur. If you do, this will be one of the greatest mistakes you can have that can even lead to having a toxic relationship. But if they do and it is not in the way you want it, also accept the fact that change is the only thing in this world to be consistent. If they did change, it will be out of their own volition and not yours.

Learn to accept things as they are when they present themselves to you. Yes, there is a possibility that being in a relationship can hurt you. Don’t fill your head with the illusions of the kind of love that fairy tales tell you. There will be times when you feel like the hurt is not worth it anymore. Learn to put your feet on the ground and accept the fact that it will definitely hurt you at times.

Have Enough Time for Yourself

Being in a relationship does not mean that you need to always be together for it to work. One of the things you never should give up once you enter a relationship is the time for yourself. One mistake that people do when in a relationship is building their worlds around their partner and relationship. And when the time comes that the relationship breaks away, they are left with nothing. This is where having enough time for you would mean so much more than you think.

If you feel like you need to put everything in focus, take some time off. Go have fun with your friends and pamper yourself. But be sure to allow your partner to also have time alone. Let your partner enjoy time with friends and respect each other’s alone time. This is how you will be able to also respect your very relationship.

Since it takes a lot of energy to maintain your relationship, a good rest will help a lot for both of you.

Take Charge of Your Own Happiness

Remind yourself that your happiness in on your own hands. And one of the ways to do this is to know your real value.

Bear in mind that you don’t need to settle on a relationship that makes you feel miserable. In fact, you can search for that happiness by:

Realizing your own worth.

If you know your own value then you won’t have to settle on something that won’t make you happy in the first place. There are times when you enter a relationship just to stop yourself from feeling lonely and alone but in realizing your worth, you will get to avoid being in one.

Never settle for what you feel is not really worth of your time just to avoid being alone.

Surrounding you with positive people.

If you want to take charge of your own happiness that you must remain positive at all time. And one of the ways that you can be optimistic in a lot of things is by surrounding yourself with positive friends. Having a positive support surround your everyday life can help you reach and claim your happiness. More than just surrounding yourself with great friends let go of toxic ones like how you should let go of a toxic relationship.  

Dropping a note to yourself.

Get the happiness you deserve by dropping a note for yourself and reminding you how amazing you can be. Sometimes, the motivation you need will come from yourself and this could actually lead you to finding your own happiness. And there are even times when your own reminder is all you would ever need at times you need the most.

Bribing yourself.

Bribe yourself to get your own happiness. Have the motivation you need by rewarding yourself time and time again and telling yourself that you’ve done a great job. But of course, don’t depend solely on bribing yourself and make sure to also get lots of motivation from other factors.

Be happy and get that happiness with your own very capable hands.