Kids Suffer From Your Bad Marriage, Too

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The choices you make affect the kids, no matter what.

Over decades, mental illness has been a commonly discussed topic on almost all communication panels. People have tried to find its origin, but often, they fail to look at it from a personal point of view.

Sincerely speaking, such problems are largely attributed to cold relationships that people are holding onto. These kinds of affairs affect them intensely because most still cling to their spouses and avoid divorce for the sake of their kids.

Let’s see how this may be the cause of the problem:

1. They have emotional and unchecked baggage.

Today, couples have invested all their time, energy, and resources on online platforms where they pour out their feelings. What people have noticed is that in the real sense, they are not addressing their hurts, pains, and loneliness correctly.

Communication is vital in a relationship so when compromised, its repercussions are extremely serious. Before embarking on another relationship, first learn to always address past pains, hurts, and negative emotions caused by it.

Otherwise, you will attach this to your current partner and have a negative impact on your emotional well-being.

2. They live together while expecting their partner to change.

Many spouses are living with the hope that their current partners will change. For some, they realize their partner’s vices earlier but somehow along the way, a kid came by which made them overlook everything.

Over time, the vices are getting more serious, which now weighs heavily on them, emotionally. The constant life of fear, resentment and probably shame of their partner’s vice is causing them serious stress which could later lead to depression and mental illness.

This becomes unfair when no one appreciates the fact that you are living in such conditions for your kids.

3. There is an unbalance in the marriage.

In shared institutions, power should be exercised equally, and equity should be one of the most considered factors.

If you're being mistreated or mishandled in the relationship, then in due time, you'll always feel lower than the other individual and later stress to the point of depression.

4. They become dependent on the breadwinner.

You often hear of couples claiming that it’s simpler living with a spouse who is insulting, rather than leave, because of financial security. The sole provider will then transform you to a complete dependent.

This will not only lower your self-esteem but will also break your inner motivation. Later, you will see yourself going for antidepressants to slowly relieve yourself.

5. Their emotional incompatibility affects everyone.

Emotional incompatibility in relationships also contributes to mental illness. Spending time in a troubled relationship for the kid’s sake, makes you have more trouble rather than a remedy.

Children are sensitive and will always realize when either parent is unhappy, which makes life even harder for the losing party.

Facing children and spilling it all is almost impossible. Evidently, the kids get disturbed, scared, and become emotionally unstable which leads to low self-esteem.

Investing in a troubled relationship has, and never will be, a better option than getting out. Sometimes, it is advisable to make a choice if you want to live a better life. Many people have spent most of their times trying to change others or probably attempting to transform their lives to match that of their partner.

Whether you have kids or not, it is advisable to walk away once a relationship shows signs of being a nuisance.

Remember, failing to walk away will only lead to more worries and eventually you will waste a lot of time that you could otherwise spend with people who are willing to love you without questioning your integrity of forcing things out.

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