Best Anti-Aging Makeup Advice For You!

Best Anti-Aging Makeup Advice For You!

Very few of us have perfectly flawless, smooth and radiant skin. Thanks to the new wave in makeup revolution, we can all sigh in relief. We no longer have to wear heavy makeup to conceal skin flaws.

For aging women, this revolution offers a promise of looking younger with just a few brush strokes, smart choice of makeup and intelligent application.

Anti-Aging Make-Up Advice
The first rule of thumb when wearing makeup at any age is to use a minimal amount of makeup. The use of makeup is just that: to make up for flaws and imperfections. Makeup serves to downplay your imperfections and to highlight your assets.

Wearing more makeup than necessary makes you look older. Heavy makeup is out anyway, so what's the point of slopping on too much?  Minimalist look is what you should go for, especially if your objective is to make yourself appear younger than you really are.

Follow the tips below to achieve a more youthful appearance with the help of makeup.

Tips for Anti-Aging Make-Up

Great makeup starts with a good canvass, which means that your daily skin care routine will affect the final result of your overall makeup.

  1. Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize. Before putting on makeup, cleanse, tone and moisturize your face to achieve a canvass that is squeaky clean: free of dirt, dust, oil and residues. Make sure skin is free of makeup. Apply your topical Vitamin C. Moisturize, ideally with a water-based facial moisturizer and a separate eye serum, so skin can absorb the cream more readily and well. Wait for skin to fully absorb these products before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Wear sunscreen. Not just any sunscreen! Choose a broad spectrum sunblock with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30 to effectively shield your skin from the damaging effects of UV rays.
  3. Correct and conceal. Instead of using a thick foundation that blocks off air from reaching your pores, try using an illuminating or brightening mask as a base. If you have age spots or blotches that you want to conceal, try a Blemish and Balm (BB) or a Color Correction (CC) cream instead. When you choose these products, you can skip the concealer and foundation altogether. Choose a color that is appropriate for your skin tone. CC cream is lighter than BB cream and therefore ideal for oily skin types. If you feel you have little to hide, try applying a skin primer, without having to splash any foundation or work in a powder over it.
  4. Shape your eyebrows. It matters to keep your brows well-trimmed and well-shaped even when you're 60. Start by marking the inner points of your brows. Those points should form a straight line with the outer sides of the base of your nose. Next, take your pencil. Its base must touch the outer side of your right nose then pass through the outer corner of your right eye, forming a diagonal line. Mark the outermost point of your brows. Do the same for your left eyebrow. Lastly, take your pencil and find the center of your right eye. Mark the point on your eyebrow that is parallel to the center of your eyes. Do the same for your left eye. Connect your markings. You should end up with a well-framed brow.
  5. Fight gravity by using a light eyelid pencil. Use a brown or cream colored eye liner to line your eyes. Choose gel-based and tint-based eye liners over powder-based alternatives. Slightly lift the ends of your eyelid while drawing a rising line toward the corner of your eyes. This gives the illusion that skin on the corner of the eye is firm and not saggy.
  6. Use a light mascara. Start with a lash primer. If you have nice thick lashes, skip the mascara. If you need some, by all means, put some on but never overdo a mascara. If you're wearing your make up during the day, make sure your mascara is water-proof to avoid smudging or, you may just want to skip it all together.
  7. Bring out a blooming aura with the help of a pinkish blush. Try peachy and deep pink gel-based blush. Using a large brush applicator, put on some blush, deeply coloring your apples. Brush on lightly around your face and neck, include shoulders if exposed.
  8. Show off a nicely tinted pucker. Apply a vitamin-enriched lip balm first. Ditch the matte lipsticks and go for mauve and tinted balms. A little bit of shimmer can help you make your lips even more younger looking.

Use makeup sparingly. Simple and little makeup can improve the appearance of aging skin. Help yourself bring out that naturally glowing skin everyday by eating healthy, exercising regularly and getting enough rest and sleep.