About Diabetic SurvivalKit Dr. Sybil Kramer

Who We Are:
Dr. Sybil Kramer, Endocrinologist, and her daughter Tova Kramer Searleman are providing this resource for people with diabetes. Dr. Kramer is a board-certified endocrinologist with 31 years of experience. She has worked with thousands of patients with diabetes and is passionate about providing education to help them control their disease as well as to enhance their life style. Many people have trouble implementing the information received by physicians and diabetic educators. We provide practical supplementary information to help enable patients to make the recommended changes in lifestyle.

Tova is a Floor-Time Play Therapy/ABA Provider who specializes in young children with autism spectrum disorders. She also has a passion for cooking and teaching people how to prepare healthy and delicious meals in order to enhance their health as well as their quality of life.

What We Do:
Dr. Kramer's blog posts provide valuable information about diabetes which should enable people with diabetes to understand their disease as well as its treatment. These posts contain information about the physiology of diabetes, news about diabetes converted to non-scientific language, nutritional information including a guide to reading nutrition labels, and other information about diabetes.

Tova's videos all offer step-by-step demonstrations in which she prepares delicious meals that are appropriate for people with diabetes and all the members of their family. She also provides nutritional information for these meals.

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